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The dolce vita destination par excellence


Passionate and generous, Italy shows its visitors its many different faces. An emblematic country of culture, art and good cooking, it’s also a holiday destination par excellence for all those who are looking to relax in the sun, for active holidays by the sea or cultural excursions. From the Adriatic to Calabria, passing by the Gulf of Sorrento, from Sicily to Sardinia, you can find the same passion for life everywhere, the famous “dolce vita” which celebrates beauty and happiness. 





Sardinia attracts visitors to its spectacular coastlines which are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean basin, and to its mountainous and authentic hinterlands. Its rich cultural heritage bears witness to its age-old history and fascinates as much as its traditional cuisine. In the south, the coast around Cagliari dazzles with the azure blue of its crystal-clear sea and untouched nature. In the north, near the pleasant port town of Olbia a string of very beautiful beaches are interspersed with magnificent bays of sand and rock with turquoise waters, suitable for seaside holidays for the whole family.

To do

Book an excursion or take a ferry from the Port of Palau to discover the archipelago of La Maddalena, where the scenery seems straight from a picture postcard.
Set out to discover the Costa Smeralda, where billionaires come to show off their yachts and luxury vessels.
Rent a car and take on the winding roads through the scrub to discover authentic little villages!
Walk on the white sand listening to the soft lapping of waves and tell yourself that heaven on earth really does exist…
And to finish, slip a little bottle of mirto into your suitcase to round off your meals perfectly.

To see

You cannot leave Sardinia until you have seen a Nuraghe! These towers of stone, whose origins date back to the bronze age, are spread throughout the island. The Su Nuraxi Nuraghe has even been listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.
Cagliari, whose name, ‘Casteddu’, means castle in Sardinian, overlooks the salt marshes and contains several architectural marvels. Don’t miss out on a visit to the cathedral or the Bastion of Saint Remy.
Wander around the luxury boutiques of Porto Cervo. Who knows, you might bump into Sting or Harrison Ford…
Discover culurgiones, traditional Sardinian ravioli which, depending on their shape, will tell you which region of Sardinia they come from. Then of course you won’t limit yourself to simply looking at them…

Tourist locations

39.2238411, 9.1216613



Cagliari, the provincial and regional capital, is one of the most interesting and attractive towns in Sardinia. It holds unrivalled historical importance since its foundation dates back to at least 1,000 years before Rome. Its amphitheatre is just one of the many enduring traces of ancient times. The town offers an irresistible mix of quintessential Italian urban life and Sardinian traditions.


Marina di Capitana

A mi-chemin entre Cagliari et Villasimius, à env. 20 km du centre ville de Cagliari, se trouve Capitana et son port de plaisance, Marina di Capitana. Cette zone résidentielle plutôt calme est le refuge de nombreux Sardes qui fuient la chaleur de la capitale pendant les mois d’été.





In the south-east of Sardinia, near Cala di Santa Catarina and Fortezza Vecchia, lies the pleasant tourist village of Villasimius with its 2,400 inhabitants. The locality is known above all for its beautiful coast, bordered by marvellous sandy beaches. Cagliari airport is approx. 55 km away.



La ville de Pula au sud de l’île (5.900 habitants), est un autre centre touristique. Située sur la côte orientale du Golfe de Cagliari, son riche passé fut marqué par les Carthaginois, les Phéniciens puis par les Romains. Aujourd’hui on retrouve leurs traces dans l’architecture de la ville qui abrite quelques temples, un amphithéâtre et des thermes. L’aéroport de de Cagliari est à env. 35 km.

La station balnéaire prisée de Santa Margherita di Pula se trouve à env. 4 km seulement. Elle possède une superbe plage et de nombreux commerces, restaurants, bars et pizzerias.




Located on a narrow peninsula, this ancient city is partially submerged underwater. Not much remains of the town from the era of its Phoenician founders in the 9th century BC. The best-known artefact from that time is the Nora Stone: which mentions the name Sardinia for the first time. The stone is currently held in the National Museum in Cagliari. Likewise, little is known of the period of Carthaginian colonisation of the town. Most of the relics that can be seen today in Nora date from the Roman era, who occupied the town from 238 BC and who made it the seat of the Roman government in Sardinia – after having practically rebuilt the old town. The waves of the sea reach as far as the ancient thermal baths and even now bring with them pieces of that age-old heritage. 
Cagliari airport is approx. 40 km away.



Renowned for its magnificent white and pink beaches, Castiadas is also known for its production of oranges and lemons as well as its wines, which are among the best in Sardinia. Cagliari airport is approx. 65 km away.



La station balnéaire d’Arbatax avec son petit port est connue pour ses falaises en porphyre de couleur ocre, les «roches rouges», ainsi que pour ses nombreuses petites criques aux eaux limpides.

L’aéroport de de Cagliari est à env. 144 km, celui d’Olbia à env. 180 km.




Capoterra owes its fame to its pretty beaches, well-preserved ancient sites and the nature reserve of Monte Arcosu, one of the largest protected natural areas in Europe. We must also mention the renowned Lido de Maddalena Spiaggia, where you can admire the spectacle of countless pink flamingos. Cagliari airport is approx. 15 km away.

Santa Teresa Gallura



Valle Dell’Erica/Santa Teresa Gallura

This authentic region in the north of the island boasts fascinating scenery and charming little bays perfect for bathing. It offers a spectacular panoramic view of the sea and neighbouring Corsica with the white cliffs of Bonifacio. The closest town is Santa Teresa Gallura, located approx. 12 km away. It is also the northernmost town in Sardinia. There are numerous restaurants, shops and coffee shops, as well as a series of ferry connections to Corsica. Olbia airport is approx. 55 km away.



This former fishing village in the Gulf of Arzachena with a little sandy beach has become a beautiful seaside resort while at the same time maintaining the charm of bygone days. From the pretty marina with its yachts, sailing boats and fishing craft, it is easy to get to the neighbouring island of Maddalena. You will also find many restaurants, bars and shops here. Each week the Sardinian market is held in Cannigione. Olbia airport is approx. 30 km away.

Baja Sardinia

This popular seaside resort is located in the south of the Costa Smeralda in a rocky bay with a fine sand beach. The promenade stretches the length of the beach with its pretty piazzetta lined with restaurants and shops. Concerts are held here during the summer months, sometimes continuing until after midnight. Olbia airport is approx. 35 km away.

Porto Cervo



Porto Cervo

A prestigious and celebrated seaside resort at the heart of the Costa Smeralda. This fashionable holiday destination at the heart of a craggy inlet with the air of a fjord is best known for its luxury marina, its many designer boutiques and its cafés. Since Karim Aga Khan discovered it in 1960, Porto Cervo has become a summer gathering place for the international jet set. The golf course of ‘Pevero Golf Club’ enjoys a marvellous location near the centre of the resort. Olbia airport is approx. 30 km away.

Golfo Aranci


Golfo Aranci

This former fishing village is located on the Aranci gulf. The region is known for its beautiful beaches of fine sand and its emerald waters. Olbia airport is approx. 20 km away.


San Teodororo

Formerly a little fishing village, San Teodoro now boasts a good infrastructure and has many shops and several restaurants. It is best known for its superb sandy beaches bordered by a crystal-clear, turquoise-coloured sea. 
Olbia airport is approx. 30 km away.


  • The visit will begin with a panoramic walk around the town, with stops at the Basilica of Our Lady of Bonaria and the panoramic viewpoint at Monte. Then on to Urpinu and a walk along Poetto beach and the Molentargius lagoon with its pink flamingos, before going to the Castello district. There you will visit the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, where you can view the most important discoveries in the history of Sardinia, belonging to the Nuragic civilisation, such as the mysterious Giants of Mont’e Prama. After the visit to the museum, walk through the Castello neighbourhood, the centre of the social, political, cultural, military and religious life of the city from its foundation up until the present day. Here you will find all the history of its monuments, towers and bastions and visit the cathedral of Santa Maria.

  • The Nuraghe ‘Su Nuraxi’, a settlement dating from the Nuragic era, was developed around a quatrefoil Nuraghe (with a bastion with four corner towers and one central tower), built between the 13th and 6th centuries BC: the largest Nuragic village in Sardinia and the world. In Barumini, you will also visit the Casa Zapata Museum and the Giovanni Lilliu Centre. The latter was an Italian archaeologist, publicist, palaeontologist and politician, generally considered the greatest expert on the Nuragic civilisation. This archaeologist is renowned at an international level and is above all known for having excavated the Nuragic site of Su Nuraxi, which was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997.

  • Brief visit to the church of Sant'Efisio, then a visit to the archaeological excavations of Nora and the Tower of Coltellazzo. The Punic and Roman town of Nora, founded as a Phoenician coastal settlement, was equipped with three port facilities permitting easy disembarkation in every season. The tower of Coltellazzo, also known as the tower of Sant'Efisio, is a coastal tower in the gulf of Cagliari, which rises on the cliff overlooking the ruins of the town of Nora, in the territory of the municipality of Pula. Remains from the Punic-Phoenician era include living quarters, archaic shrines, such as the temple dedicated to the goddess Tanit, a magnificent theatre, four thermal bath complexes and temples.

  • Visit to the Argiolas winery, where you will discover wine estates enveloped in the odour of must, visit to the barrel cellar, where the secrets of the production of several very popular Italian wines are kept. After the visit, you will taste their top four wines with local cheeses, charcuterie and ‘carasau’ bread. The visit to the winery can be enhanced with another gastronomic experience in the neighbouring village of Dolianova, where you can visit a local cheese producer and take part in the different phases of production before tasting a cheese.

  • Aboard a magnificent antique sailing boat: Two types of sailboat are available: 14 metres and 17 metres. The smaller boat can take up to 14 people, while the larger boat can take up to 16 people. Three stops are scheduled: Spargi, Budelli, La Maddalena. Departure for the wonderful island of Spargi, stop in a quiet spot for sunbathing and swimming in the crystal-clear waters. We will continue to Budelli, also known as the ‘Pink Beach’. From the boat you can admire this beach with its incredible coloured sand (classified as a nature reserve since 1991). We will sail through the ‘virgin’s mantle’, known as the Madonna’s mantle due to the different blue hues of the sea between the islands of Santa Maria and Razzoli. Lunch will be cooked and served on board, starters including local cheeses, charcuterie, olives, fresh pasta with seafood and local wines. Last stop: the main island of La Maddalena, free time for strolling around the historical centre before returning to the harbour. The itinerary may vary, but must remain within the boundaries of the La Maddalena Park. The crew is composed of a captain and a mate.

  • The itinerary includes three stops on three different islands: La Maddalena, Spargi and Santa Maria. During the first stop in La Maddalena, free time to take advantage of the town centre on the island, shop or simply eat an ice cream in the many cafés. The second stop will be at Spargi, where everyone can choose their preferred spot for a swim or simply relax on the beach. After the swim, lunch on board with a menu of pasta in tomato sauce and bottled water. We continue to Budelli, also known as the ‘Pink Beach’ due to the incredible colours of the sand. Here we can admire this beautiful spot from the boat, as the beach has been classified as a nature reserve since 1991. We will sail through the ‘virgin’s mantle’, a stretch of sea between the islands of Santa Maria and Razzoli. The final stop for a swim will take place on the island of Santa Maria, where you can also take a little walk to the lighthouse.

  • Discover Porto Rotondo and its town centre with Piazza San Marco and the church of San Lorenzo. To Porto Cervo, a highly prestigious tourist centre and holiday destination of the international jet set. Visit to Porto Cervo’s Piazzetta and centre, a little maze of narrow streets with buildings in the quintessential style of the Costa Smeralda and its multitudes of exclusive boutiques from the world’s top couturiers. After the visit to Porto Cervo, we head to Baja Sardinia and its little square. Free time for lunch before returning by bus to the Belvedere. Photo stop to marvel at the view. On the way back, you will take the panoramic San Pantaleo road, where spectacular granite rocks give San Pantaleo a unique atmosphere.

  • The Nuraghe ‘Su Nuraxi’, a settlement dating from the Nuragic era, was developed around a quatrefoil Nuraghe (with a bastion with four corner towers and one central tower), built between the 13th and 6th centuries BC: the largest Nuragic village in Sardinia and the world. In Barumini, you will also visit the Casa Zapata Museum and the Giovanni Lilliu Centre. The latter was an Italian archaeologist, publicist, palaeontologist and politician, generally considered the greatest expert on the Nuragic civilisation. This archaeologist is renowned at an international level and is above all known for having excavated the Nuragic site of Su Nuraxi, which was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997.

The excursions on offer, as well as their prices and times, may vary depending on the location of the hotel. Excursion prices are provided for information purposes only and may be subject to change. For more information and to book, please contact your local LuxairTours guide.

Important informations

Tourist tax must be paid locally during your stay.

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