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Coronavirus (COVID-19): What will happen if my flight or trip has been cancelled by Luxair?

Coronavirus COVID-19

If you have booked your flight or trip through a travel agency or a site other than www.luxair.lu or www.luxairtours.lu, please contact your agency or the site concerned directly.


We make every effort to inform passengers as soon as possible if there is a cancellation. However, as the health situation is changing rapidly, we are sometimes forced to cancel flights at the last minute. Please accept our apologies.


  • If your flight is cancelled, you will receive an automatic message offering you the choice of an alternative, if available, a voucher worth 10% more than the ticket price or a full refund. You will receive one message per route and per person. If you choose the voucher or refund, you will only have to fill out the form once for all trips and all people involved.
  • If your flight+hotel package is cancelled, you will first receive confirmation of cancellation and a few days later a commercial offer with a choice of various options.
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