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Legal Information

Security and Privacy Policy

Protection of personal data, Security More info

Terms of Use of the Website

The present general terms and conditions (the ‘General Terms and Conditions’) apply to the use of all parts of the website operated by Luxair. By using this website, you fully and unconditionally accept the general terms and conditions which apply to the present agreement and you promise to respect them. If you do not accept the general terms and conditions, you should abstain from using the website in any way whatsoever. More info


We put everything in place to make your holiday the best time of the year. Our priority is to offer you impeccable service, therefore any time a problem occurs during the execution of the contract we would ask you to contact, on-site and as soon as possible, the LuxairTours guide/representative.   More info

Passenger assistance

In order to ensure the comfort and security of travellers with reduced mobility, we would like to inform you that a limited number of LuxairTours package tours are suitable for such travellers. We therefore invite passengers with reduced mobility to contact their travel agency or the LuxairTours call centre directly who can then inform them about the most suitable hotels and the availability of rooms. They will also supply any information necessary for the successful organisation of their trip (transport of equipment, booking seats on flights). If the booking is made via our website - luxairtours.lu - we cannot under any circumstances guarantee the availability of a room accessible to people with reduced mobility. More info

Entry regulations

Entry formalities are subject to frequent changes and it is for this reason that we strongly recommend you check for yourself, in good time before your departure, all the entry formalities required by your country of destination (passports, visas and other potential health formalities). More info

Cancellation and Assistance Insurance

Our package tours do not include travel insurance either for assistance or cancellation, which we strongly advise you to take out. Why opt for the insurance cover offered by LuxairTours? This cover has been specially designed to suit our products and satisfy your requirements, with sound, reliable and experienced partners alongside you who can provide a coordinated process if necessary. You can request your optional insurance policies by contacting your travel agency or the LuxairTours Customer Service Centre directly by telephone on 00352 2456-1. More info

EU list of banned or restricted airlines

Regulation (EC) No.2111/2005 establishes a list of air carriers which are subjected to an operating ban within the European Union, for failure to adhere to the applicable international safety standard.

The European Commission publishes and updates the detailed list of airlines affected by this operating ban on its website.

Flights operated by carriers on this list are not available to be booked via www.luxair.lu / www.luxairtours.lu .   

Statement on Modern Slavery

The LuxairGroup is committed to developing and promoting responsible and ethical policies in all the countries where we carry out our activities. On a daily basis, we act in line with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we are committed to improving our company’s responsibility in light of the initiative of the United Nations Global Compact, to which Luxair adheres. En savoir plus


Booking a package

The combination of travel services offered to you is a package in the sense of (EU) directive 2015/2302. You therefore benefit from all rights granted by the European Union applicable to packages. Luxair S.A. shall be entirely liable for the proper implementation of the package as a whole. Furthermore, as the law requires, Luxair S.A. has adequate protection to reimburse your payments and, if transport is included in the package, to ensure your repatriation in the case where it becomes insolvent. For further information regarding the essential rights under (EU) directive 2015/2302 downloadable below.

Booking a package

For further information regarding the essential rights under (EU) directive 2015/2302 downloadable below.

Download the PDF

Booking supplementary travel services

If you book supplementary travel services for your trip or holiday, you DO NOT benefit from the rights applicable to packages under (EU) directive 2015/2302. Consequently, Luxair S.A. shall not be liable for the smooth running of these supplementary travel services. In case of problems, please contact the service provider concerned.


Nevertheless, if you book supplementary travel services within 24 hours of receiving confirmation of the booking on behalf of Luxair S.A., these travel services will be part of a related travel service. In this case, as European Union law requires, Luxair S.A. has adequate protection to reimburse the sums you have paid to it for services which have not been carried out owing to its insolvency and, if necessary, for your repatriation. Please note that in this case, no reimbursement is foreseen in the case of the insolvency of the service provider concerned.


Booking supplementary travel services

For more information on insolvency protection

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Cancellation of the contract

The traveller may cancel the contract at any time before the beginning of the contract with payment of the standard cancellation fee. Detailed information can be found in the ‘General terms and conditions of sale’ below.


General terms and conditions of sale

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Important Notice

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Protection of personal data

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