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Lopesan Hotel Group

The Lopesan hotel chain describes itself as a "maker of happy memories", and after a stay in one of their hotels, you’ll be sure to return with some happy memories of your own!

As a major player in the tourism sector of the Canary Islands, the Lopesan Group has accumulated a lot of expertise over the years, which enables it to offer the highest quality holidays. Not only does Lopesan make customer wellbeing a top priority, it also has a strong commitment to social responsibility, which it upholds in its various missions and values.

The company has since expanded to other countries around the world, including Germany, Austria, the Dominican Republic and Thailand. Today, it is made up of 19 hotels under 6 distinct brands –each with its own characteristics – so everyone can find their ideal holiday destination.

Hotel Faro

The Lopesan Collection Hotels


The hotels that make up the Lopesan Collection brand, such as the Hotel Faro in Gran Canaria, are characterised above all by their innovative design. The rooms and common areas are uniquely decorated, warm and harmonious, with architecture that blends perfectly into the breathtaking natural landscape in which they are situated.

Their privileged location allows you to enjoy a quiet environment, but still be close to shops and restaurants. Lastly, these 5-star hotels offer a tailor-made service and are suitable for couples or solo travellers in search of an exclusive holiday.

Hotel Baobab

Lopesan Hotels & Resorts

If you like hotels with unusual architecture and innovative concepts, the Lopesan Hotels & Resorts range will be the perfect fit for you! From the neoclassical church-inspired design of the Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso to the wild and exotic atmosphere of the Baobab Resort, there is a hotel to suit every taste.

These striking hotels also live up the the Lopesan brand's high quality standards. Attention to detail is their defining characteristic – it is apparent not only in the meticulous design of the common areas and rooms, but also in the service which meets the needs of every guest.

Kumara Serenoa Hotel

Kumara by Lopesan Hotels


Kumara hotels are inspired by nature and the plant of the same name – a special variety of Aloe whose exoticism and uniqueness perfectly encapsulates the ethos the brand's hotels, such as the Kumara Serenoa. These hotels are notable for their balanced price-quality ratio and calm atmosphere.

Whether you travelling are alone, with your partner, friends or family, here you will find the perfect break from daily life and an excellent culinary offering characterised by top quality products, diversity and local ingredients. Nature is the brand's guiding force, and references to nature can be found throughout their hotels in a way which perfect complements the modern, minimalist style of the rooms.

Corallium Dunamar

Corallium by Lopesan Hotels

The name "Corallium" is a reference to the only white coral reef off the coast of Gran Canaria, evoking the uniqueness and beauty of the Canary Islands. It is precisely this uniqueness that the Corallium by Lopesan Hotels brand reflects.

These adults-only hotels enjoy a prime beachfront location and have all recently been renovated. From their culinary offering to their various massages, beauty treatments and sports activities, they promote a healthy and natural lifestyle and will appeal to a wellness-conscious clientele.

Abora Catarina

Abora by Lopesan Hotels

Abora is the name of the sun god in the mythology of the Guanches people, the indigenous inhabitants of the Canary Islands, known for providing warm and pleasant sunshine all year round. The Abora by Lopesan hotels range was inspired by the revitalising effect of the Canarian sun. The hotels are all located on the beachfront and feature contemporary architecture and aesthetic design. The light-filled outdoor spaces, complete with pools and gardens, are the focal point of these resorts.

They also offer all-inclusive packages that allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, as well as a comprehensive entertainment programme for all ages and a range of well-equipped accommodation.


IFA Hotel & Resorts


The IFA Hotels & Resorts brand has the vast majority of its hotels in Fuerteventura, Germany and Austria. All of them occupy prime locations within tourist areas, making them perfect bases for exploring your destination.

Whatever type of holiday you’re looking for, you will always be in the hands of experienced hotel specialists and a memorable holiday is guaranteed! A wide range of services are available and customer satisfaction is the staff’s top priority.

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