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A holiday for All Saints' Day, at Christmas, for Carnival or just a little sunshine in winter and early spring?


Enjoy the sun in winter times... 

Canary Islands in winter: Wonderfully contrasting landscapes

With subtropical landscapes and impressive vegetation, desert areas, vertiginous cliffs and golden beaches, the Canary Islands have everything to offer you. Lanzarote, the land of lava and fire, Fuerteventura, with multitudes of magnificent beaches, Tenerife, dominated by its fascinating volcano and Grand Canaria, with its majestic sand dune reminischent of the Sahara… they are all quite different. But each one of them offers a dazzling sun and a mild climate which guarantees a successful seaside holiday for all ages.


Discover Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife or La Palma!

Egypt in winter: Explore the underwater life and aquatic attractions

Hurghada has become a very popular destination for families. Ideally located on the sea shore, the hotels are places to relax and enjoy fantastic aquatic attractions - particularly an unrivalled number of slides - ensuring that guests of all ages enjoy a wonderful holiday. Please also note that Hurghada is the ideal departure point for visiting one of the most beautiful islands in the Red Sea, Mahmaya. For those who love diving, the Red Sea also offers a number of underwater sites of astonishing beauty. 

Madeira in winter: Coastal paradise in the country of explorers

Madeira - the ‘island of eternal spring’ - is covered by luxuriant subtropical vegetation making it look like a veritable floating garden in the middle of the Atlantic. To fully appreciate its wonders, a walk along the levadas is a must: these aqueducts make up a sophisticated network of canals that cross a wild natural habitat of nature reserves.

Tunisia in winter: Rest and relax under the palm trees or wellness oases

With its endless sandy beaches that receive about 300 days of sunshine, its authentic and contrasting hinterland, its colorful villages and its rich heritage marked by the history of civilisations, Tunisia offers wonderful opportunities for a change of scenery. The know-how to promote and strengthen physical and mental well-being is worth highlighting. Many hotels make this their strength, offering state-of-the-art facilities that use traditional rituals and the healing power of water.



This island in the south of Tunisia owes its nickname ‘Djerba la douce’ to the temperate climate it enjoys all year round. It is also often compared to a floating palm grove - not surprising, with nearly a million date palms! Thanks to its wide picture-perfect beaches and its lovely range of wellness services, Djerba is very popular with holidaymakers looking for relaxation. And its excellent hotel infrastructures on the edges of gently-sloping beaches make it an ideal destination for family holidays. 

Sousse region - Mahdia

The coast between Mahdia and Hammamet is lined with charming medinas, lively souks, marinas and elegant seafronts. While the miles of golden beaches offer extraordinary seaside perspectives, the hinterland invites you to immerse yourself in a world of authenticity. Between the rolling dunes, grandiose canyons and fertile valleys, it conceals a wealth of historical and cultural treasures that are often unsuspected!

United Arab Emirates

Dubai is undoubtedly the most famous of the seven emirates and is best known for having the world's tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa. This breath-taking building, bordered by the Dubai Fountain and its spectacular water show, attracts tourists from all over the world. The city also captivates visitors with its huge shopping malls, such as the Dubai Mall, which not only boasts luxury shops but also the world's largest indoor ski centre. The city has nonetheless retained some of its traditional character and you can also visit souks, which give a more authentic reflection of the local culture. 

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