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A family adventure to Tunisia

Tunisia has a lot to offer, if you are looking to spend a relaxing and fun holiday trip with your family: wonderful weather any time during the year, warm-hearted and welcoming locals and a great range of landscapes. You can discover fine sand beaches, the Sahara Desert, rock mountain oasis and salt lakes as well as palm tree gloves. Tunisia is a very small country which allows you to easily get around the country in just a few days. This holiday will certainly give you enough memories that will last for a lifetime.


Against to the common belief, Tunisia isn’t that far. Flying to Djerba, Tunis or Enfindah will take you a little less than three hours which is comparable to flying to Stockholm (2h 45m) or to Rome (2h 10m).

Tips for your holiday in Tunisia!

  • Tunisia is stable and totally safe to visit. The locals are known to be very friendly and you and your family will feel very comfortable and relaxed. However, before heading there for the first time, it is recommendable to check some basic tips and tricks to make your holiday more enjoyable. As the country is famous for its stunning beaches and many people from the North and Europe often visit places like Djerba to enjoy the sun, you can expect a lot of beachgoers. Given that Tunisia is a Muslim country, they expect their locals and guests to dress appropriately. By now, many cities have become more open-minded and you can get away with regular shirts and shorts, but keep in mind to respect their culture.


    Tunisia is certainly a country of haggling. Be advised that fixed prices are rare and try to always offer a low price first, even prepare to walk off if necessary.


    Resorts offer many child-friendly meal choices such as roast chicken, crêpes, pasta, pizza and much more. In case you are travelling with your little loved ones, you can get baby food and formula milk at pharmacies and supermarkets. On top of that, most resort hotels offer either dedicated playgroups or even full child-care service.

  • As Tunisia borders are part of the Sahara, cities like Hammamet can get up to 46°C. It is better to visit Tunisia in autumn or winter (September – March) to avoid the heat in the summer.

  • Warm waters, sunny skies – Tunisia is known for its warm waters, sunny skies and 800 miles of coastline making watersports a very convenient family activity. You can choose from many activities: snorkelling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, waterskiing and wakeboarding for sporty kids and parasailing, banana boating and tubing for adventurous kids. Another option could be visiting one of Tunisia’s waterparks such as Carthageland – a theme park offering shows, rides and many other water-based attractions.


    Desert camel rides – Try desert camel rides with your kids and trek into the Sahara Desert. During most of the guided tours, you can even wear a traditional outfit with a headscarf and take a postcard-perfect photo against the dunes if you like to. You will enjoy stunning views of sand dunes on a fun, bumpy ride.


    A day trip to Sidi Bou Said – The small village Sidi Bou Said is certainly one of the most beautiful spots in Tunisia. The cliff-top village is famous for its distinctive blue-and-white colour scheme, narrow streets and its stunning views of azure waters. In fact, the distinctive architecture is a result of Spanish and Muslim influx in the 16th century. You and your family will discover bright white houses with blue doors and windows adorned with gorgeous pink and purple flowers. As this village is the main tourist attraction in Tunisia, you may want to go there first thing in the morning to escape the crowds.


    Star Wars film sets, Ong Jemal – In case you are a fan of the Star Wars film series, then you might know the planet Tatooine, a dusty desert inhabited by mysterious creatures. But you will probably be surprised that Tatooine is a real-life location in Tunisia in an area named Tataouine. Many of the original film sets filmed in Tunisia remained standing and are a very popular tourist attraction in the country.

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