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Pays Basque




In France, enjoying life and fine cuisine are part of the culture


France is also the country which has the most Michelin-starred restaurants and which can boast an unparalleled cultural and artistic heritage. Furthermore, it has no fewer than 5,500 km of coastline on the Mediterranean, on the Atlantic facade and along the English Channel, with vertiginous cliffs, deserted bays and unending sandy beaches to discover.
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Pays Basque



New Aquitaine


This area looking out to the Atlantic and moulded by its waves is blessed by the sun and adored by windsurfers. Pretty bays bordered by sand dunes and cliffs, white sandy beaches and pine forests are dotted all along its coastline: enjoy a stay at the seaside, or a hiking holiday. There are many historic sites to visit and the ocean can be enjoyed at several fashionable, yet traditional, seaside resorts and beautiful fishing villages.

Tourist locations

43.4831519, -1.558626


Anglet et Biarritz

The tourist town of Anglet, with its pretty beaches, is located just to the north of Biarritz. The coastline of Biarritz is approx. 6 km long and very varied. Cliffs and rocks alternate with sandy beaches and small coves. Situated between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean, Biarritz combines the authentic nature of the Basque Country with great cultural wealth, and is also known for the natural beauty of its landscapes. Biarritz and Anglet are also ideal starting points for exploring the riches of the region.
Biarritz international airport is approx. 10 minutes from the town centre. 


Capbreton (Département des Landes)

Very popular seaside resort at the gateway to the Basque country, with an attractive marina. Approx. 34 km from Biarritz airport.




This pretty village, with its attractive sandy beach, charming and charming houses from a by-gone age, is just next to the beautiful town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Since the wedding of Louis XIV to Marie-Thérèse in 1660, the town has also been known as ‘The Royal City’. Once a haven for whale hunters, cod fishermen, filibusters and pirates, it was also the leading sardine and tuna port in France. Now a well-known family seaside resort, the town is lively all year round with thalassotherapy, shops, welcoming café terraces, cultural activities and music festivals. Approx. 23 km from Biarritz airport.


Urrugne (near Saint-Jean-de-Luz)

With its mountainous hinterland landscape, this charming Basque village on the Atlantic coast is the starting point for many hikes, which are suitable for families and sports enthusiasts alike. But Urrugne is most famous for the Corniche that runs the length of the coastline from where waves can be seen crashing against the foot of the cliffs. At certain times of the year it’s even possible to witness the impressively huge Belharra wave that forms further offshore. 
The pretty town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz is approx. 5 km away, Biarritz airport 28 km.



The seaside town of Soustons-Plage is 6 km from the village of Soustons and is also known as the ‘Pearl of the Marensin’. Its surroundings are quintessential and include a 6 km beach, many footpaths and cycle ways through the largest area of forest in France. It’s also important to mention the seawater lake of Port d’Albret, where you will find water sports and an evening market with local produce.

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