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Germany is full of historical and natural treasures. With its beautiful beaches along the Baltic Sea in the north and its mountain roads and snow-capped peaks in the south, it is a truly diverse country. Between these two extremes, the country also boasts vibrant cities, such as Hamburg or Berlin, which are some of Europe's most fashionable capitals, and Munich, famous for its beer festival and its historical heritage. 





The island of Usedom, located in the far north-east of the country, is a real slice of paradise. It is one of Germany's warmest regions, enjoying almost 2,000 hours of sunshine a year. It is home to magnificent white sandy beaches where you can enjoy a wide range of water sports, and away from the seaside towns, you’ll find a unique and unspoilt hinterland with lush green forests, lakes, little villages and fascinating wildlife. This astonishingly diverse destination is sure to win you over!

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The seaside resort of Ahlbeck is one of the most popular destinations on the Baltic Sea. With a beach more than 70 metres wide and pleasant temperatures for much of the year, Ahlbeck is the perfect setting for a stroll along the sand. You can also visit Germany's oldest pier, dating back to 1898. As you take a walk around, ice cream in hand, you'll also come across the sumptuous villas that are typical of this seaside resort. From Ahlbeck, you can also cross the border into Poland by taking a lovely woodland walk. Distance from the airport: 10 km.





Heringsdorf is one of Germany's best-known seaside resorts. This is partly due to the town's rich history as an imperial seaside resort, with magnificently decorated old houses and villas, many of which were built for the German imperial family and the nobility of the time. In the town, you can see the Oppenheim villa, where members of the German royal family lived for several centuries. Heringsdorf is also home to Germany's longest pier. As you stroll along its 508 metres, you can admire the beauty of the coastline from the pier or relax on one of its many café terraces. Distance from the airport: 12 km.

Must-do & Must-see - our suggestions


  • Usedom is steeped in history and has plenty to interest history-lovers! In Peenemünde, you can visit the world's largest submarine museum. It is home to the Soviet U-461 mastodon, which floats peacefully in its harbour. It was also in Peenemünde, at the Historical and Technical Museum, that the very first missile into space was launched. 
  • There are plenty of opportunities for water-based activities in this region. We particularly recommend taking a short boat trip to go fishing, admire the local wildlife or simply relax and take in the exceptional setting.
  • Finally, visitors of all ages will love the fairytale world of Gulliver, just a few kilometres from Bansin, where they can walk inside the 36-metre statue of Jonathan Swift's famous character.


  • The island of Usedom’s incomparable beauty will charm all its visitors, whatever their passion might be. Lovers of architecture and photography will be impressed by the sheer beauty of the imperial villas typical of the region. Meanwhile, in the east of the island, the landscape with hills up to 70 metres high and around 10 kilometres of rugged coastline will delight walkers and sports enthusiasts alike.
  • The island of Usedom has long been a destination of choice for artists in search of inspiration. Today, the region offers culture lovers a full year-round programme of events, including cabaret, literature, theatre and classical music. 
  • Usedom is also famous for its many lakes, which are accessible via signposted forest paths. Take a romantic stroll along the shores of the lakes in the evening for breathtaking sunset!

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