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From mythology to your very own summer holiday story

In the Aegean Sea, lies a country which was the stage of antique Gods and Heroes. Their feats have been subject to the greatest stories ever told and their lives still inspire us today. But Greece is not all about mythology. If today, we are unsure of the existence of Gods and Heroes, we know for a fact, that the beauty and wild nature of Greece is real, and there for you and your family to discover. From Corfu to Kos, from Rhodes to Crete, Greece begs for new stories to be told. Let your family summer holiday be one of them!

Tips for your holiday in Greece!

  • One of the prevalent subjects of the ancient Greek philosophers was the individual and its place in society. Well, let’s just say when it comes to rules and laws, the individual and its well-being is considered above it all. In Greece, you will find that laws and rules are subject to interpretation, and here and there, a little bending. So do not get frustrated when cars park on the boardwalk or people smoke in the no-smoking area. Just prepare for it and act as if it is normal.


    If you plan on moving around Greece, plan your luggage accordingly. Lots of people have come to Greece with too many clothes. Remember, this is the Mediterranean, the weather is great! Some shorts and shirts will do the trick. And, if possible, favour a backpack over a suitcase with wheels. Most of the Greek towns have small alleyways and long flights of stairs. A backpack will definitively come in handy.


    As for the language, it never hurts to no some Greek as a friendly conversation starter. Greet you’re your audience with a friendly kalimehra (good morning) or kalispehra (good evening). Say please with the word parakalo and thank you with the word eftharisto. In general, English should be your language of choice if you run out of Greek. But be aware, off the beaten path, you might need to close the language gap with your hands and feed.

  • Greece is a great destination all year round for your family vacation. If, however, you want to make the most of your trip to this magnificent country, favour mid-April to mid-November. The country and its many club hotels are perfect for a family holiday during these months. Should you want to move around to discover Greece some more, we suggest avoiding the summer months which can be really hot.

  • In Greece, there is always something to do for your kids as it is one of the most kids-friendly destinations in the world. Depending on your kids’ age, activities range from poolside animation or water park action inside club hotels to discovering the wild nature or history of the country. Most hotels offer a wide range of tours and activities in their area. These are often perfect for a day of adventure and discovery as transports, guides and visits are included.

  • Discover nature

    Since the beginning of civilisation, Greek nature has been the subject of songs, myths, stories and poems. If you are staying in Greece, do yourself a favour and discover the scenery that has to lead to some of the most epic tales ever old.

    • Paxos Antipaxos Blue Caves tour – Corfu
    • Watersports and hiking at the tidal island of Prasonisi – 43km from Lardos
    • Paradise at Elafonisi beach – 210 km from Heraklion
    • A good day’s hike at Samaria Gorge – 180km from Heraklion


    Discover history

    Greece has many great monuments that beg to be visited. It would be a shame to be back home without some stories to share about some of the world’s most famous archeologic sites.

    • Visit the Minoan palace of Knossos in search for the Minotaur – Heraklion
    • Asklepion, the sanctuary of Asclepius – 4 km from Kos Town
    • Visit the old town of Rhodes – Rhodes City


    Discover gastronomy

    If you are a fan of good food and exquisite beverages, Greece has a lot to offer. Here, in the land of the gods, the dishes and the wine truly are special.

    • A whole day of private wine tasting tour – Corfu
    • Dine at one of the many typically Cretan restaurants in Heraklion – Herakion
    • Butterfly Valley & Wine, Olive Oil, Honey Tasting Tour – Rhodes, 50 km from Lardos

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