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United Arab Emirates

The alliance of tradition and modernity

Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan and innovative cities in the world. Discover great beaches and excellent hotels, fascinating theme parks and nautic sports, shopping at the Dubai mall or in the souks, incredible sunsets during a Safari... and much more.


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The alliance of tradition and modernity


The United Arab Emirates is a destination that attracts more and more travelers. This confederation consists of the emirates of Abu Shabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman and Ra's al-Khaimah. Unlike the most famous of these emirates, Dubai, which has quickly become an ultra-modern metropolis, authenticity and tradition are still present in the smaller emirates, which are still little known to tourists.


Luxury and glamour


Dubai is probably the most famous city in the seven emirates and is best known for the world's tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, which is located in the centre of Dubai. The "Dubai Fountain" water games in front of the fountain attract tourists from all over the world. Dubai fascinates people from the world over with the world's largest shopping centres, such as the Dubai Mall, which includes not only luxury boutiques, but also the world's largest indoor ski resort. The traditional Arab markets, the souks, are important meeting and shopping points, as they give a small glimpse of Arab culture with their extraordinary atmosphere. "The Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree, located south of the city, is known for its luxurious hotels and its breathtaking views of Dubai and the Burj Al Arab. Right next door is the Dubai Marina district, an artificial harbour, where luxurious yachts sail and is the best place for a stroll along the busy promenade. The sandy desert around the luxury metropolis is perfect for desert excursions by camel, quad bike or jeep. 

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Must-do & Must-see - our suggestions


  • If you're not afraid of heights, enjoy a luxurious meal 50 meters above the ground and get your taste buds off the ground with the world's only Dinner in the Sky experience.
  • Spend a day at the world's largest water park, Aquaventure, where you can enjoy countless attractions and cooling rides.
  • Shopping is an attraction in itself in all the emirates - you will be impressed by the very latest collections from international designers in the large shopping centres. 



  • Look up and admire the huge skyscrapers, such as the famous Burj Khalifa, in this ultra-modern city where extravagance is the key.
  • Dubai from the sky is even more spectacular so try skydiving to see the city from above and especially the original shapes of The World and Palm Island.
  • The famous Dubai Fountain show, with its light and water effects, all set to a soundtrack, is a must-see. The water ballet holds a record for size and is even more impressive when viewed from a boat.

Important information

  • If you need to take any medication with you, don't forget your doctor's prescription in English. Please note, however, that codeine drugs or drugs containing any other narcotic substance are subject to a request for authorization from the UAE government. Please consult the list of medicines concerned and submit your request via this link: https://mohap.gov.ae/en/services/issue-of-permit-to-import-medicines-for-personal-use
  • As a tourist, and especially in public places, "suitable" clothing is recommended (covered shoulders and knees, for men and women).
  • Photos : As with any other destination, respect is essential. Divert your focus from official, military and local authority buildings. Do not take pictures of anyone without their prior consent.
  • Greetings :The men shake hands. Men and women do not touch each other.
  • Couples: Presenting two passports with different names at the reception is generally not a problem, but it is better to talk about your "husband" or "wife" rather than your "partner" or "fiancé(e)"... Unmarried couples are theoretically not allowed to share a room.
  • In public: Public displays of affection, dancing and alcohol consumption on the streets should be avoided.
  • Miscellaneous: Electronic cigarettes are prohibited and may be confiscated.
  • The Ramadan is the Muslim period of fasting. During this period, Muslims eat and drink nothing between sunrise and sunset. Consequently, some restaurants in the hotels and discos may remain closed and the entertainment program may be limited.

More information on manners and customs in the Emirates can be found at : 

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