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Vacation in Marsa Alam



Explore underwater life in Egypt


The land of legends and the cradle of a fascinating civilisation, Egypt also offers a coastline dotted with seaside resorts to suit everyone. With the sun which shines endlessly all year, beaches which stretch as far as you can see and sensational seabeds, the banks of the Red Sea have long been popular with tourists the world over. Premier quality hotels welcome lovers of diving and swimming, families with children and holidaymakers of all sorts. 

Marsa Alam


Marsa Alam


Further south from Hurghada, Marsa Alam is a popular destination for amateur divers seeking an authentic experience, and holidaymakers looking for sun. Comfort hotels offer top-of-the-range facilities for an easy-going or active seaside holiday. With many natural reefs, underwater caves and shoals of dolphins, Marsa Alam is also a fascinating and secret place that is unspoiled by mass tourism, 
where the underwater world has remained intact.

Hotel areas

25.0676256, 34.8789697

Marsa Alam



El Quesir

This small coastal town, once an important trading and cargo port, is located between Hurghada (140 km) and Marsa Alam (135 km). Today it is popular mainly for its exceptional seabed and coral reefs, which can often be reached from the beach. An absolute must for snorkellers and divers! Distance to the airport: 75 km.

Madinat Coraya



Madinat Coraya

The beautiful bay of Madinat Coraya, where some hotels are located, belongs to Marsa Alam. It is one of the few bathing bays in the area that have shallow sloping access to the sea from the beach. The sheltered location also makes the bay an ideal holiday destination for families. An aqua park in Madinat Coraya offers bathing fun for young and old and ensures varied holiday fun. Furthermore, the bay offers very good conditions for diving and snorkelling. Distance to the airport: 6 km.


Marsa Alam



Marsa Alam

This coastal town, almost unknown a few years ago, about 270 km south of Hurghada, has developed rapidly in tourist terms because of its excellent diving and snorkelling conditions and after the opening of the international airport. The mostly new, modern and spacious hotels in the region are usually located outside the town. Distance to the airport: 60 km.

Port Ghalib



Port Ghalib

Once a coastal village, Port Ghalib has developed into a trendy seaside resort since the 2000s. Characterised by its artificial harbour for up to 1000 yachts, its restaurants, shops and busy souks, it is also appreciated for its beautiful beaches, diving spots and ultra-modern hotel facilities. Distance to the airport: 5 km.

Must-do / Must-see - our suggestions


To do

  • What about swimming with dolphins in their natural environment? We recommend a trip to Sataya Reef which houses colonies of dolphins that are particularly known for their sociability, playfulness and sense of touch. 
  • To get a different view of Egypt, you may plan a camel ride in the desert. Slip into the shoes of the Bedouins and get to know more about their culture, their traditions and about camels accompanying them in their daily lives.
  • Experience kitesurfing to get new sensations. Red Sea coasts are the dream place to experiment this activity in the best conditions - favourable winds, clear and shallow waters!


To see

  • El-Quseir is one of the oldest cities in Egypt. Well-known for its splendid coral reefs, the city also bears witness of its strategic past, particularly in the context of trade. 
  • Wadi El Gemal National Park houses an extraordinary biodiversity with animals and plants. A trip to this unique site will allow you to meet rare species and to enjoy wonderful landscapes. 
  • Stop over at Sharm El Luli (located on the coast of Wadi el Gemal National Park) to enjoy the beauty of an iconic beach. El Qulan with its mangroves is also worth a visit for its unspoilt and authentic character.


Excursions will allow you to discover your destination from all perspectives. LuxairTours offers a range of selected tours that will allow you to discover unmissable places, paradisiacal beaches, typical dishes... LuxairTours organises a range of quality excursions for you.

  • Dive into the wonderful underwater universe of the Red Sea and treat yourself to a diving package that you will never forget! Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, there are courses for everyone. Snorkelling is also available if anyone in your group prefers that option. All equipment is available for hire at the resort and you can reserve lunch with drinks on board the boat. Choose a course of one or more days or ‘move up a grade’ by taking extensive for advanced divers. You will be issued with a licence at the end of each course. The minimum age for children allowed to take part is generally 12 years old. For more information, please consult the price list under the Diving heading.

  • Are you fascinated by ancient Egypt? Luxor is a must for your trip! This excursion, takes you to the western bank of Thebes and will allow you to admire the impressive Colossi of Memnon, to visit the temple of Amun, the Valley of the Kings and the funerary temple of Hatshepsut. This option also allows you to enjoy a boat trip on the Nile (drinks not included).

  • Do not leave Marsa Alam without taking the time to explore Marsa Mubarak! This national park houses one of the largest and most beautiful coral reefs in the Red Sea. We offer a snorkeling tour which will allow you to discover an extraordinary biodiversity and to swim with thousands of colourful fishes, sea turtles or manatees? The excursion includes snorkeling equipment, a hot lunch and a selection of soft drinks.

  • You may take part in a great jeep and quad safari allowing you to discover the vastness and magnificence of Marsa Alam's desert region. From a defined rallying point in the desert, we will first take you to a Bedouin village (aboard a jeep) where we will stop over to discover the rites and traditions but also taste their traditional tea. We will continue our journey - part of it riding a quad and possibly a camel if you wish - through the desert with the next stopover at a bedouin camp to enjoy a good barbecue dinner and traditional dances and songs before heading back to the hotel. This tour includes transfers to and from the hotel, the services of a local guide, entrance fees, a quad tour (40 minutes) and a camel ride, visit to the Bedouin village, tea prepared by our Bedouin hosts and dinner with a selection of soft drinks.

  • Satayh Snorkeling daily trip (mon, wed, fri.)
    It's more than 5-km long reef plateau, creating a very quiet and shallow, turquoise lagoon at the south side. 
    Clients reach Hamates marina around 10:00 am, and after welcome Drink, boat briefing and sailing for one hour 30 min., first snorkel for one hour and very big  chance two swim with dolphins.
    Lunch break for 45 min. and second snorkel in another site in a huge Satayh Reef.
    And back to Hamata Marin at around 3:30 pm and back to the hotels.\
    Excursion includes, transfer, guide, soft drinks & snacks, lunch excluded, equipment.

The excursions on offer, as well as their prices and times, may vary depending on the location of the hotel. Excursion prices are provided for information purposes only and may be subject to change. For more information and to book, please contact your local LuxairTours guide.

Important information


- During Ramadan, the Muslim fasting period, some restaurants and bars in the hotels may remain closed and the entertainment programme may be limited.
- Owing to the coral reefs, you are recommended to wear plastic shoes when swimming. Direct access to the sea may be limited to a restricted zone and can also be made by a walkway.
- In all the hotels, proper attire is required for dinner (long trousers for gentlemen).


Security measures


We would like to draw your attention to the security measures for travelers to Egypt. 
- We advise our customers to use hard-sided luggage with built-in padlocks, or that allows padlocks or seals to be affixed without leaving a gap of more than 1 cm, to prevent the intrusion of any illicit object. If a customer is carrying baggage that does not allow for full security by sealing, the passenger will be required to have their hold baggage laminated prior to check-in in Egypt at their own expense. 
- In order to ensure the proper implementation of these measures, we ask our customers to comply with the instructions received from the staff in charge upon departure from Egypt. Any refusal to cooperate with our local partners may result in luggage not being transported.