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Rovaniemi, Finland

3 nights, 2 adults, bed & breakfast

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Rovaniemi - Lapland

Snowy promises of a magic world

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Finland - Lapland

With its very low population density and landscape covered 70% in forests, Finland offers a majestically beautiful setting. It is also the ‘country of a thousand lakes’, although in truth more than 188,000 of them have been identified! Although Finland can surprise summer visitors with a spectacular night sky under the midnight sun, it is most spectacular in winter, when its landscape is covered in an immaculate and shining blanket of snow. It is at this time of the year when you can admire the wonderful aurora borealis and best take advantage of the benefits of the sauna, a local speciality. It is undoubtedly for all these reasons that even Father Christmas decided to set up his official residence in Finland, somewhere on Mount Korvatunturi.



Capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi is located just 10 km south of the Arctic Circle, which you will cross as you arrive because the imaginary line passes through the airport. Surrounded by two large rivers and mountains, the town offers a striking urban contrast with the unspoilt natural world and the ancient traditions of Lapland. You will have the chance to discover these traditions during your stay with a visit to a breeding centre for huskies and reindeer, or by going ice-fishing. The village and official home of Santa Claus are also to be found in Rovaniemi. This is where the thousands of letters sent by children from around the world every year are handled… The town is also known for its Arctic museum, ‘Artikum House’, and for several buildings designed by the famous Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto. But above all, the wild nature of the immediate vicinity is fascinating: frozen lakes, the Northern Lights (on as many as 200 nights per year), forests covered in snow…all providing an unmissable rendez-vous in the Arctic!

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Travel program

Discover the unspoiled nature of Lapland, let the silence wash over you and enjoy the Arctic!


Our exclusive special programme invites you to discover the great north of Finland, the Lapps who live there and their most famous traditions.
Lapland and its inhabitants look forward to hosting you, to welcoming you so that you can enjoy an exceptional experience in a unique destination. Escape from the town on a snowmobile, dine around a campfire, float on an icy lake, glide on the ice and race with the huskies! All of this awaits you, so get ready to be enchanted by Lapland. A basic programme is included in the price of the trip, but various excursions and dinners in unusual places can be added as an option.


Day 1: Arrival
In the evening, as soon as your special Luxair flight has landed in the Arctic Circle, you will be welcomed by your guide and a bus will take you to your booked accommodation.

Husky ride  iStock-157194483 jours 2-4 et 5

Day 2: Visit to a husky and reindeer farm with lunch (included in the basic package)
Before the start of the programme, which lasts approximately four hours, we will provide you with thermal clothing (all sizes from XXXS to XXXL), which you will be able to use throughout your stay. They should be worn over your own clothes to protect you from the cold (for more information, please contact the tour guide). The programme begins with a visit to the Raitola reindeer farm and a short sleigh ride of around 500 m, where you will sit in a sled pulled by reindeer. This tour continues with a visit to a husky farm and a 3 km dog sled ride. During this activity, you and a passenger will drive the dog team.
Finally, a two-course menu awaits you for lunch, consisting of a traditional stew of reindeer meat with mashed potatoes and cranberries, blueberry cake, tea, coffee, water, bread and butter.

Optional activities to be booked on days 2-4 and 5 (not included in the basic package)
Seize the opportunity and don’t miss out on enhancing your stay with as many photos of the Arctic as possible. Take a snowmobile ride on a three-hour wilderness adventure (booking code: RVNSMSEXC) or enjoy the speed of a 10 km husky sled safari (booking code: RVNHUSEXC). The Artic Snow Hotel will take your breath away with sculptures and buildings made entirely of ice and snow. You can also try fishing on the ice and sculpting yourself. (booking code: RVNICEEXC). On an excursion to Ranua Wildlife Park, you will not only encounter polar bears and arctic foxes, but all the variety of arctic wildlife that is present there (booking code: RVNRANEXC). For logistical reasons, the two excursions of the visit to the Arctic Snow Hotel and the visit to the Ranua Zoological Park cannot be combined. 

Optional bookable activities on days 2-4 and 5 (not included in the basic package)

Those who have dreamed about making the arctic landscape their natural playground now have the opportunity to do so! If you want to float in the icy water of a lake, ski in the forest or take a leisurely snowshoe hike, shoot an air rifle, practice for survival in the arctic or build a Lapp tipi, there is something for everyone in this varied programme. (booking code: RVNAUREXC).
We have also prepared something special for your evenings. Book a three-course menu with local specialties at the Nabo restaurant (booking code: RVNNABEXC, booking in advance) and a place for a traditional evening around a campfire, with grilled specialties accompanied by a ‘Yoik’ folk singer from (booking code: RVNAUREXC). We recommend that you book the basic overnight stay and breakfast package only.


Last day: return travel
Those who are not taking part in an excursion on the day of departure will be collected from the hotel in the early afternoon. Luggage can be stored in the hotel luggage room during this time. Departure from the hotel at midday at the latest. In the early afternoon, your return to the airport begins with an excursion to Father Christmas’ village. The Christmas atmosphere is felt here all year round. 
You are free to explore Father Christmas’ Village as you wish and you will have the opportunity to get to know the whole village by visiting the main Father Christmas Post Office, buying souvenirs and, of course, getting to know Father Christmas personally. Finally, you have the option of crossing the Arctic Circle or visiting one of the restaurants, before the bus takes you back to the airport to catch the return flight after returning your thermal clothes.

Important information

This special holiday package and the optional excursions are subject to a minimum number of participants.

•    The basic price includes: return flight with Luxair Luxembourg Airlines (Luxembourg - Rovaniemi - Luxembourg), return transfer from the airport to the hotel, three to four nights in a hotel with breakfast. A half-day husky and reindeer farm excursion that includes a short husky sleigh ride and reindeer sled ride, as well as a two-course menu. Thermal clothing hire during your stay, assistance from a local guide that speaks German and French, as well as from a LuxairTours guide. 

•    The optional activities and meals offered as part of the programme must be booked before departure, with sufficient notice. In order to guarantee that things go smoothly, the days and times of the optional activities may vary. 

•    Information concerning thermal clothing: thermal clothing includes a suit with a hood, thermal boots, special leather gloves, a woollen scarf and a pair of woollen socks. We recommend that you wear jeans or ski trousers under these clothes, as well as a woollen jumper or a fleece and thermal underwear.

Optional excursions

  • Safari en motoneige

    By snowmobile, the most popular means of transport of the Lapps, you explore the untouched Lappish nature in the north of Finland. 
    After an introduction to the snowmobile, which you share in pairs, you will drive for about 2.5 hours through the breathtaking natural landscapes - over frozen rivers, snow-covered paths and fields. Warm drinks are served during a short stop on the way.
    Total duration: 3 hours. 
    Day and pick-up times will be announced on site. 
    Those wishing to drive a snowmobile must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driving licence. A snowmobile is shared by 2 adults who take turns driving. For those who wish to ride alone without a passenger, a "single" supplement is available (on request and to be booked in advance).
    The driver of the snowmobile is considered responsible for any damage caused on the snowmobile. The excess is a maximum of 900€ / person / snowmobile / accident. By taking out the additional insurance for 15€ before the start of the safari, you reduce the excess to a maximum of 150€ / person / snowmobile / accident. This additional insurance is personal and only valid for one snowmobile safari. All participants must sign a contract confirming that they accept and understand this personal liability. 

    On snowmobile safaris, children aged 0-14 years sit in a sled behind the guide's snowmobile. We strongly recommend that a parent sits in the sled with young children for their comfort and safety. If a child over 140 cm wants to ride as a passenger on the snowmobile, the adult price applies (subject to availability). In extreme temperatures (below -20 degrees C or other extreme weather conditions) Safartica Ltd reserves the right to take the children by car to the various activity locations.

  • Dîner autour d'un feu de bois en pleine nature

    You leave the city by bus and travel with your guide to a magical place in the middle of nature, where the lights of the city are far enough behind you. There you will be served grilled salmon with salad, dessert and a glass of wine by the campfire, which is located directly at a frozen lake, while your guide tells you stories about this region. You will also be introduced to typical Lappish yoik music, performed live for you by a folk singer. Small wooden chalets are available for warming up in between. If you are lucky, you will also see the northern lights in the sky and witness this spectacular natural spectacle. 
    Note: Warm drinks are also included. If more than 29 persons participate, a traditional Kota tent and a chalet with toilets will be opened additionally. 
    Depending on the number of participants booked, this excursion can be organised from the 2nd day onwards. The exact day will be communicated to you on site.
    Total duration: 4-5 hours.

  • Amusement dans la neige

    This option will allow you to be in total communition surrounding nature and to experience new sensations. With your guide, you will be dropped off by bus in an idyllic location in the heart of unspoilt nature where you can take part in fun activities, make snowmen with your children or experience new and unusual activities in the forest!
    >> Ice floating - a unique wellness experience awaits you : it  consists of floating on a lake in the middle of ice blocks. You'll stay dry and warm in the near zero degree water thanks to a wetsuit that you'll wear over your own clothes. All you have to do is let your body and mind go and enjoy the moment! This activity is only suitable for people who are at least 1.20 m tall.
    >> Snowshoeing - with this activity, you will reach places that are usually inaccessible due to the depth of the snow.  The snowshoes are equipped with crampons and can be attached to the shoes, allowing you to walk in powder snow without sinking or to cross icy areas without slipping. All you have to do is enjoy the view... and the silence!
    >> Forest skiing - thanks to their universal bindings, forest skis are adaptable to all types of boots or hiking boots. Thanks to their small size, these skis are easy to handle and are an excellent way of getting around in snowy terrain, even when the snow cover is deep. This activity will allow you to venture off the beaten track and closely follow the tracks of wild animals! Please note that this activity is not suitable for children under 15 years old. 
    >> Polar survival skills - supervised by an expert guide, you will learn some useful tricks to survive in an extreme polar climate: making a fire, boiling water, building a Kota (Lappish tipi where the Sami people live). Children can also take part in activities such as igloo building.
    >> Mini snowmobile for children - children aged 4 to 12 years old will be able to try mini snowmobiling, which is also supervised by an experienced guide. 
    *The exact day will be defined according to the number of participants


    This activity is offered on Mondays and Tuesdays (only during a 4-night stay)* under the supervision of a German and French speaking guide // total duration including transfers: 4 to 5 hours (20 to 30 minutes per activity) // breaks by the fire or under a Kota with Lappish soup, berry juice, coffee, tea, biscuits and toasted marshmallows for the children)

  • Safari husky

    Enjoy the rush of speed on a husky sledge ride through the silence of the Lapland wilderness. There are always two adults per team, with the possibility of taking turns on the way. The average distance is 10 km, depending on weather conditions and the riding skills of the participants. Minors are only allowed on a sledge when accompanied by their parents. The exact allocation will be made on site by the guide.

    Total duration approx. 2 hours including transfers and approx. 45-60 minutes husky safari.

  • Dîner au restaurant Nabo

    Nabo is a new Nordic restaurant driven by a love of vegetables. Seasonal ingredients are bought as locally as possible, according to the motto: pure, tasty, local, with love. Depending on the availability of the ingredients, it may therefore happen that not all guests find the same vegetables on their plates. The 3-course menu includes lamb tartar from the Raattama farm with pickled celeriac as a starter. The main course is poached pike-perch from Lake Miekojärvi, kohlrabi and lemongrass in browned butter, followed by chocolate, beetroot and boiled caramel for dessert. Tap water, tea, coffee and bread are included.
    Duration: approx. 2 hours.

    Limited number of participants.

  • Traditions laponnes et hôtel de glace

    After breakfast a bus will take you to Lake Lehtojärvi. Here you will discover the well-known and absolutely worth seeing Arctic Snow Hotel, which is rebuilt every winter and enchants you with its unique play of colours of snow and ice. Keep your camera ready for unique photos of the ice bar, the snow restaurant, the snow chapel and last but not least the igloo rooms decorated with amazing sculptures!
    Afterwards you will receive a one-hour introduction to ice fishing, a passion of the Nordic peoples with a long tradition. In the following hour you will learn how ice sculptures are created. You may also try your hand at carving snow yourself. Lunch, a 2-course menu included in the price, will be served in a "kota", a traditional Lappish tent. 
    Duration: 4.5-5 hours in total.
    For organisational reasons, either a visit to the Arctic Snow Hotel or a visit to the Ranua Zoo Park can be booked.

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