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Your stay in Rovaniemi


Stays possible from Friday to Monday (3 nights) or from Monday to Friday between 31/01/2025 and 07/03/2025.

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A fairytale land of deep forests and northern lights


With a very low population density and 70% of land covered by forests, Finland is a country of great natural beauty. It is also known as the "land of a thousand lakes", as it has over 188,000 of them! In winter, the country enchants its visitors with pristine expanses of snow and the magnificent Northern Lights, which come alive on clear, icy nights! It is at this time of year that the benefits of the sauna are most appreciated and the local specialities are most tempting!



Rovaniemi, an Arctic land of tradition and legend

Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, is located 10 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle – an imaginary line that you cross as soon as you arrive, as it intersects the airport runway. Surrounded by mountains and two rivers, the city is one of striking urban contrast between unspoilt nature and age-old Lappish traditions. Rovaniemi is also where Father Christmas has chosen to set up his headquarters. Every year, he processes thousands of letters from children all over the world. Rovaniemi is home to the popular Artikum House, an Arctic museum, and beautiful buildings designed by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. But it’s the wilderness that will impress you the most – endless forests and lakes dominate the landscape that gradually gives way to tundra as you go further north... An unmissable Arctic experience!

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Hotel areas

Rovaniemi centre




Rovaniemi city centre

Our hotels in the heart of Rovaniemi are ideal for those who want to enjoy shopping, dining and cultural activities without having to use public transport. Its highlights include the Arktikum, a museum dedicated to the Arctic region and the history of Finnish Lapland, and the Pilke Centre, where you can enjoy interactive exhibitions about the region.


Village du père Noël





Santa Claus village

For those who have always dreamed of meeting Father Christmas, staying in the heart of Santa Claus' village will allow you to rekindle your childlike spirit. In a magical setting where the joy of Christmas is always present, you can choose to stay in an igloo, a small chalet or a cosy cottage and enjoy a range of unusual activities in the village itself or in the heart of the surrounding nature.

Ounasvaara hill




Ounasvaara hills, in the middle of nature

Some of our hotels are located just outside Rovaniemi in the Ounasvaara Mountains. This area has many hiking trails and is a great place for nature lovers and winter sports enthusiasts to experience the untouched nature of the Arctic. It is also a prime spot for seeing the northern lights.

Your Lapland adventures



Experience untouched nature, age-old traditions and incredible adventures!


Lapland is not only the land of Father Christmas, but also of reindeer, snow and the Northern Lights. This remote corner north of the Arctic Circle is steeped in legends and traditions that the Sami – a nomadic tribe that has occupied the territory since the dawn of time – have kept alive! In order to help you discover the different facets of this region, your LuxairTours package offers a range of activities, as well as a selection of optional activities that are sure to excite you!


DAY 1: Arrival and settling in

After you land, your guide will meet you to take you to your accommodation by bus. 


DAY 2: Discovery programme (services and group activities included in your package / duration: about 4 hours) including:

>> Provision of thermal clothing: A hooded jumpsuit, available in sizes XXXS to XXXL, will protect you from the cold, allowing you to enjoy your activities to the fullest.
>> Visit to a Raitola reindeer farm followed by a short reindeer-drawn sleigh ride (approx. 500 m).
>> Visit to a husky farm followed by a 3 kilometre ride on a husky sleigh, where you can admire the agility of these impressive animals and gain an insight into the immensity of this glacial region.
>> A traditional two course lunch, served with water, tea/coffee, bread and butter.

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DAYS 2, 3, 4 AND 5: Optional activities (services and group activities not included in your package / duration varies according to activities)

To give you the best experience of Lapland, LuxairTours has selected the following activities (we strongly advise you to book the activities before your departure, as last minute reservations will only very rarely be accepted): 

>> Snowmobile safari (duration: 3 hours // 2 people (14 years and older) per snowmobile // booking code RVNSMSEXC). Driving through stunning snowy landscapes on your snowmobile is guaranteed to be a sensational experience. There will be a break for a complementary hot drink during the trip.  
>> Husky safari, our favourite activity in Rovaniemi (total duration including transfers: 2 hours // 2 adults per sled // booking code: RVNHUSEXC). You will take the reins of a carriage for about 10 kilometres and glide through the pristine, breath-taking natural landscape.
>> Arctic traditions and snow hotel (total duration including transfers to and from the shores of Lake Lehtojärvi: 4.5 to 5 hours // two-course lunch included // booking code: RVNICEEXC). You will be surrounded by the completely unique ice décor of the Arctic Snow Hotel and will have the chance to try ice sculpture or ice fishing.


>> Snow Fun: Unique activities in the heart of the Arctic (total duration: 4 to 5 hours (20 to 30 minutes per activity) // booking code: RVNFLOEXC). You can try a number of outdoor activities such as forest skiing, snowshoeing, floating on a frozen lake, survival skills in a polar environment (making a fire or building a kota) and discovering Lappish specialties! Children will have the chance to try their hand at mini-snowmobiling under the watchful eye of an experienced professional.
>> An evening around the campfire (duration: 4 to 5 hours // booking code: RVNAUREXC). Experience the warmth of a campfire in a magical candlelit setting. Sheltered in a Kota or wrapped up in warm clothes, you will taste Lappish specialities cooked on the barbecue while keeping an eye out for the northern lights! 
>> Lappish dinner at the Nili restaurant (3-course dinner // booking code: RVNNABEXC). This activity allows foodies to try a range of local specialities cooked by a team of experts.



DAY 4/5 (RETURN DAY): Last day of the discovery programme and return to the airport including:

>> A final optional activity (if you have booked one)
>> Transfer to the airport in the early afternoon (after returning your accommodation in the late morning)
>> A stop at Santa's village where you can enjoy the cosy Christmas atmosphere all year round and meet Father Christmas!
>> Arrive at the airport for your return flight (after return of the thermal clothing)

Your basic package includes:

A return flight with Luxair Luxembourg Airlines (Luxembourg - Rovaniemi - Luxembourg), return transfer from the airport to the hotel, three to four nights in a hotel with breakfast. A half-day husky and reindeer farm excursion that includes a short husky sleigh ride and reindeer sled ride, as well as a two-course menu. Thermal clothing hire during your stay, assistance from a local guide that speaks German and French, as well as from a LuxairTours guide. Optional activities and meals offered as part of the programme must be booked before departure, with sufficient notice. In order to guarantee that things go smoothly, the days and times of the optional activities may vary. 

Special clothing:

Includes a hooded suit, a pair of thermal boots, special leather gloves, a scarf and a pair of woollen socks to wear over your clothes (we recommend wearing thermal underwear, a woollen or fleece jumper, and simple trousers or jeans).



Optional excursions

  • Safari en motoneige

    Duration: 3 hours // group activity (from 10 participants to a maximum of 40), 2 people per snowmobile (driver must be over 18 and passengers over 14) // activity offered on Sundays, Wednesdays or Thursdays (the exact day will be given to you on arrival at your destination).

    Thrills are guaranteed as you drive your snowmobile* through stunning snow-covered landscapes, after having familiarised yourself with the vehicle and driving techniques. 
    You will follow trails, paths and cross frozen rivers in a magical setting for around 2.5 hours. 
    You can also take a break to enjoy a hot drink during the trip.  


    *Children aged 2 to 14 years sit in a sled behind the guide's snowmobile. We strongly recommend that one parent sits in the sled with the young children for their comfort and safety. If a child over 140cm wishes to be a passenger on the snowmobile, the adult price will apply (subject to availability). Full conditions available from our Customer Service Centre (tel. +352 2456 1).


    Price per adult: 120,- // Price per child (4 - 14 year): 60,- // Motor slide for individual use: 179,-

  • Soirée laponne autour du feu

    Duration 4 to 5 hours // group activity proposed the day before departure and including bus transfers to and from your hotel, a barbecue menu, hot drinks, two glasses of wine per adult, grilled marshmallows for the children and a French- and German-speaking guide // two restaurants in Kota (traditional tents) and a restaurant-chalet with toilet facilities will be available // min. 50 participants. 


    This tour takes you away from the bright lights of the city and into the heart of Finnish nature for a cosy candlelit evening by the campfire.
    Wrapped up in your thermal clothing, you can enjoy stargazing, looking out for the aurora borealis!
    By the fire or on the shores of a frozen lake, you can enjoy a delicious barbecue of grilled salmon, sausages, various salads, dessert and, of course, toasted marshmallows for the children.


    Price per adult: 110,- // Price per child (4 - 12 year): 55,-

  • Extraordinary activities in the heart of the Arctic

    Activity offered on Thursdays and Fridays for groups of 10 or more (4-night stays only)* and is supervised by a German- and French-speaking guide // total duration of the activity including transfers: 4 to 5 hours (20 to 30 minutes per activity) // breaks by the fire or in the shelter of a Kota with Lapland soup, berry juice, coffee, tea, biscuits and toasted marshmallows for the children).


    This activity allows you to experience new things whilst being in total harmony with the surrounding nature. Accompanied by your guide, you will be dropped off by bus in an idyllic location in the heart of unspoilt nature where you can take part in fun activities, make snowmen with your children or try out new and unique activities in the forest!
    >> Ice floating - A unique wellness experience that consists of floating on a lake, surrounded by ice blocks. You'll stay dry and warm in the near zero degree water thanks to a wetsuit that you'll wear over your clothes. All you have to do is relax your body and mind and enjoy the moment! This activity is only suitable for people who are over 1.20 metres tall.
    >> Snowshoeing - this activity allows you to reach places that are usually inaccessible due to the depth of the snow.  The snowshoes are equipped with crampons and can be attached to your shoes, enabling you to walk on powdery snow without sinking and to cross icy patches without slipping. Relax and enjoy the view... and the silence!
    >> Forest skis - Thanks to their versatile fastenings, forest skis can be used on all types of boots or hiking boots. These small skis are easy to handle and are an excellent way of getting around in snowy terrains, even when the snow is deep. Forest skis will help you to venture off the beaten track and closely follow wild animal tracks! This activity is not suitable for children under 15 years old. 
    >> Polar survival skills - Under the expert eye of the guides, you will learn a number of skills to help you survive in an extreme polar climate, such as making a fire, boiling water and building a Kota (Lappish teepee where the Sami people live). Activities such as igloo building are also open to children.
    >> Mini snowmobile for children - Children aged between 4 and 12 years old can try out mini snowmobiling, under the supervision of an experienced guide. 

    *The exact day will be determined according to the number of people taking part in these activities.


    Price per adult: 180,- // Price per child (4 - 12 years): 90,-

  • Safari husky

    Activity offered on Sundays, Wednesdays or Thursdays* (from 10 participants) // Total duration of the activity including transfers: 2 hours (the activity itself lasts 45 to 60 minutes for a distance of around 10 km). 


    This is our favourite activity in Rovaniemi! You’ll have the chance to appreciate the agility and speed of these exceptional animals first hand and gain insight into the vastness of this glacier territory. You will take the reins of the sled and drive through around 10 kilometres of beautiful landscape, without the sound of an engine! 
    Teams are always made up of two adults, with the option to take turns at driving along the way. The activity is open to children, as long as the sled in which they ride is driven by a parent. 

    The route will be about 10 kilometres long and will depend on the weather conditions and the skills of the participants. 

    *The exact day of the activity will be communicated to you on arrival at your destination (depending on the location of the accommodation and the number of participants).


    Price per adult: 182,- // Price per child (4 - 12 years): 137,-

  • Dîner au restaurant Nili

    Duration: approx. 2 hours, (from 8pm on Saturdays and Tuesdays) // including a 3-course dinner (alternatives available for special diets, food intolerances or allergies - please specify when booking) // from 10 participants and up to 30 participants max. 


    This activity will allow curious foodies to savour local specialities cooked by a team of experts. Nili's menu is based on seasonal ingredients and honours the natural products of Finland. The menu for your evening includes 3 courses: 

    • Porcini mushroom soup with cream and apples
    • Arctic Ocean salmon with potato, baked honey-scented root vegetables, potato gratin, white wine and nettle sauce 
    • Traditional Lappish Leipäjuusto (squeaky cheese) with blackberry coulis and sorbet
    • Tea, coffee, carafe of water.


    Useful information: Restaurant Nili is within easy walking distance of all the hotels in the centre. If you are staying outside of town, you can get a transfer to and from the restaurant.


    Price per adult: 108,- // Price per child (4 - 12 years): 54,-

  • Traditions laponnes et hôtel de glace

    This activity is only available on the day of departure // total duration including transfers to and from the shores of Lake Lehtojärvi: 4h30 to 5h00 // introductory workshops and two-course lunch included // minimum 10 participants. 


    This excursion will immerse you in the spectacular ice décor of the Arctic Snow Hotel, an ephemeral building that gets rebuilt from scratch each winter, as well as its ice bar, igloo rooms, snow chapel and astonishing sculptures... all made of ice! You too can get in on the action by taking part in snow sculpture or ice fishing workshops – two activities commonly practised by the Nordic peoples. 
    If you are travelling with children, they can also enjoy a snow slide and additional activities*. To round off the activity, a two-course lunch will be served in a cosy wooden restaurant. 


    *Depending on the number of children in the group.


    Price per adult: 127,- // Price per child (4 - 12 years): 95,-

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