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Your contacts before, during and after your trip.

Make your holiday unforgettable!

So that you can leave with complete peace of mind, LuxairTours is at your service before you leave to advise and guide you in your choices, during your stay to ensure you have a truly relaxing time, and after the trip to get your feedback and make sure everything met your expectations.
Tell us about your holiday!
Our team of dedicated customer advisors is entirely at your disposal. The team speaks French, German, Luxembourgish or English, and knows every detail of the LuxairTours hotels. They will be able to recommend the best package for your needs!

  • Meet us at the Luxair Travel Store at the airport in front of the check-in counters. Our team is entirely at your disposal to answer your questions.

  • For the majority of our destinations, LuxairTours has multilingual guides who will welcome you in the arrivals hall and will inform you regarding the transfer to the hotel. Your guide will give you an explanatory booklet with useful information for your stay, as well as the date for an information session at your hotel during which they will answer all your questions, advise you on excursions, etc. Your guide will be available in your hotel once or twice a week and they will provide their telephone number in case of emergency.

  • We thank you in advance to report any feedback through our guide or your travel agency.

Our commitments to quality

When travelling with LuxairTours goes hand in hand with quality

We guarantee our customers an ever-increasing standard of quality, and we are constantly attentive to service. That is why we continuously try to improve the quality of the trips that we offer and have our service checked and assessed regularly.


- LuxairTours has submitted its Destination Management and Customer Service Centre departments to a quality control check, carried out by the European Institute of Tourism. After a thorough check of the criteria for service quality, LuxairTours was awarded the ‘Service Quality Luxembourg’ label.


- in 2009, LuxairTours was one of the first companies in the tourism sector in Luxembourg to achieve level II in ‘Service Quality Luxembourg’. This quality label rewards us for our constant efforts to ensure a high standard of quality. In addition to a survey of LuxairTours customers and employees, our services were also put under the magnifying glass in a customer test. This distinction has led to a significant increase in the perception of the high-quality standards of LuxairTours, both among our employees and our customers.


- As a member of the ‘Luxembourg Movement for Quality’ (MLQ), LuxairTours constantly strives to improve the quality of its services. As part of the ‘Luxembourg Quality Award’, the LuxairTours processes and services relating to work processes, continued training measures and performance indicators underwent an in-depth audit. Thanks to its great results, LuxairTours was named the winner by the jury.


- In the constant search to improve its services to customers and in keeping with its quality policy, LuxairTours has been seeking international certification for some time. In 2009 the tour operator LuxairTours, was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certificate of quality by the ESCEM (European Society for Certification of Management Systems) for the first time. This certificate was renewed on 3 March 2022.

This certification was assigned after the introduction of a ‘quality management’ system. The quality policy of LuxairTours aims to constantly improve the various working processes with the active integration of employees, increasing customer satisfaction rates, general quality orientation in all sectors, measurability of the various processes and better adaptability of the quality system in case of changes. It is valid for three years, subject to annual follow-up audits.

In order to achieve this certification, we had to set up a ‘quality management’ system and draw up a quality manual. As part of the certification audit, Management as well as all employees were interviewed and working processes were verified based on the requirements of the standard and the high level of quality required by LuxairTours.


Further details on the certification process are available on http://www.escem.com/.