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For unforgettable holidays with the famiglia

There might not be a country on Earth where the word family has a stronger meaning than in Italy. Pasta, pizza, vino, gelati…Here, absolutely everything is enjoyed more thoroughly as a family. A source of excitement at times, it will be a harbour of peace at others. The family is so deeply rooted in its culture, that Italy has the very same character. Whether you treat yourselves to a family summer holiday on the beaches on the Adriatic Sea in order to relax or choose to relive history in the ruins of Pompei, Italy will leave you coming back for more!

Tips for your holiday in Italy!

  • Italy is a country of enthusiasts and lovers of life. The Italian language is almost sung, and it won't be difficult to know a few basic words to sing. So start your conversation with a sweet "Buongiorno" (good morning) or "Buona sera" (good evening) and thank him/her by saying "Mille Grazie" (thank you). The Italians will appreciate you and thank you with a smile and their good mood.


    During your holiday with the children, don't forget that most Italian cities are made up of narrow pavements and old cobbled streets. Instead of a pushchair, choose to transport your little ones. This will make your trip much easier. The same goes for your luggage when you travel across the country. Backpacks may give you an advantage over traditional wheeled suitcases.

  • Summer in Italy can be extremely hot, which is perfect for a beach holiday with or without children. Be aware, however, that many Italians go on holiday themselves in August, which means that many traditional family-run hotels and restaurants may be closed. However, if you are planning to visit certain cities or the countryside, spring or autumn might be a better choice. That's when temperatures are generally milder and, as it's an off-season, some prices may be lower.

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  • From ancient Roman ruins to modern art museums and festivals, Italy lives up to its reputation as the best destination for cultural travel. Able to fascinate young and old alike, the country's historical heritage can be found almost everywhere, but if you want to visit something in particular, such as the ruined city of Pompeii, make sure you plan your trip accordingly. Your children will marvel at the history preserved in ashes and dust.


    Let's not forget Venice's emblematic carnival, which takes place every year in February and enchants all its visitors with its colourful atmosphere. It offers a spectacle that children and adults will never forget.

    Of course, the whole family can also have fun on Italy's most popular beaches, such as the amazing Amalfi coast around Naples, the sunny Mediterranean beaches in Calabria, or the idyllic cities of Puglia, near Bari.


    Sardinia attracts visitors to its spectacular coasts, which are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. These coasts dazzle with the azure blue of their crystal-clear sea and unspoiled nature. They are perfect for a holiday by the sea with the whole family.

    And then there is Sicily. Rich mountainous landscapes and dreamy beaches all around the majestic volcano Etna. It's the perfect place for adventure and discovery. Want some advice? Take your friends and family to Taormina, located at 250 m above sea level. It offers an unforgettable view and will make this picture of a family holiday all the more special.

  • Italy is full of things to do. Depending on where you live, you can make cultural discoveries or adventures in nature.

    Hiking In short, Italy is a paradise for hikers. Even better, there are hikes for everyone.

    Sentiero degli Dei, Positano - 60 km from Naples
    Selvaggio Blu, Pedra Longa - 150 km from Olbia
    Mount Stromboli - 200 km from Catania, including a ferry trip

    Cultural trips When you are in Italy you can't escape culture or history. The country has been and still is shaped by both. So go and discover it for yourself.

    Pompeii - 25 km from Naples
    Basilica of San Nicola - Bari
    Castello Svevo - Catania

    Discovering nature An often overlooked fact is that Italy has some of the most beautiful nature reserves that visitors can discover on their own or with a guided tour.

    Zingaro Nature Reserve - 115 km from Palermo
    Punta Campanella Marine Reserve - 40 km from Naples
    Gargano National Park, Puglia - 55 km from Bari

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