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Vacation in Puglia


The dolce vita destination par excellence


Passionate and generous, Italy shows its visitors its many different faces. An emblematic country of culture, art and good cooking, it’s also a holiday destination par excellence for all those who are looking to relax in the sun, for active holidays by the sea or cultural excursions. From the Adriatic to Calabria, passing by the Gulf of Sorrento, from Sicily to Sardinia, you can find the same passion for life everywhere, the famous “dolce vita” which celebrates beauty and happiness. 




Puglia, a land suspended between history and nature, cuisine and culture. Come and bask on the white sandy beaches, admire its superb shoreline of sheer cliffs and visit the splendid baroque city of Lecce. Inland, discover the famous ‘Apulian trulli’ in the shade of centuries-old olive trees, charming houses that are renowned the world over, and experience a holiday with the flavours of the south! 

Hotel areas

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Small but charming, Monopoli is aptly named! In Greek ‘Mono polis’ means unique town. Visitors cannot resist the charm of its historical and natural beauty. Its charming old town boasts a medieval castle as well as multitudes of small churches. Bari airport is approx. 60 km away, Brindisi Airport is approx. 70 km away.


Torre Canne

This little hamlet of Fasano, in the province of Brindisi, is a charming seaside resort with pretty beaches of fine sand. Torre Canne’s thermal baths use mineral springs known for their curative and therapeutic properties. Bari airport is approx. 70 km away, Brindisi Airport is approx. 50 km away.



A true architectural jewel set amidst Mediterranean nature and the scent of olive groves. Its old town is worth a visit, don’t miss the Torre San Giovanni, its cathedral and its magnificent churches. Bari airport is approx. 230 km away, Brindisi Airport is approx. 110 km away.



Located approx. 13 km from Lecce. The baroque heritage of this little town can be seen in the historical centre of Vernole. Its churches have been built using stones quintessential of the region. The surrounding countryside presents several prehistoric remnants while ‘Le Cesine’, near the coast, is a nature reserve managed by the WWF, which works to protect the environment. Bari airport is approx. 190 km away, Brindisi Airport is approx. 65 km away.


Polignano a Mare

A beautiful town with a whitewashed historical centre rising steeply from the sea, a true picture postcard. It’s certainly the inspiration behind the famous ‘Volare’ song by Domenico Modugno, a child of the town. Bari airport is approx. 50 km away, Brindisi Airport is approx. 80 km away.


At the heart of thousand-year-old olive groves and very close to the sea lies the historical little town of Fasano. Visit its old town with narrow streets bordered by the whitewashed walls quintessential of the region. Bari airport is approx. 70 km away, Brindisi Airport is approx. 60 km away.       


This little town is surrounded by a beautiful countryside dotted with ancient ‘masseria’ farmhouses. The nature reserve of Torre Guaceto is also located here, with its natural beach and exquisite little coves. Bari airport is approx. 110 km away, Brindisi Airport is approx. 30 km away.


Costa Merlata

Small but charming village located near Otsuni city. Take advantage of its beautiful fine sandy beach to indulge in the joys of the seaside. Brindisi airport is about 32 km away.

Marina di Marittima

Located on the wildest coast of Salento and bathed in a turquoise blue sea, this seaside resort can boast of being one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast. Brindisi airport is about 105 km away, Bari airport is about 225 km away.

Santa Maria al Bagno

Marked by its wild and undeveloped coastline, this small seaside resort still promises to provide you with superb beaches of fine sand. Some historical remnants to see such as an ancient watchtower. Brindisi airport is about 80 km away, Bari airport is about 205 km away.




A true jewel of the Adriatic Sea, the picturesque city is also one of the most important tourist resorts in southern Italy. Its assets are not lacking: heavenly beaches and a colourful coastal landscape. Don't skip out on a walk through the narrow streets of the old town with its white-stone houses. Brindisi airport is about 100 km away, Bari airport is about 220 km away.


Santa Cesarea Terme

The city owes its fame to the four natural caves with hot and sulphurous hot springs. They make it an important thermal centre renowned for its therapeutic cures. The symbol of the city is a small Moorish dome belonging to the Villa Sticchi which from above its cliff reminds us of a small mosque overlooking the sea. Brindisi airport is about 100 km away, Bari airport is about 220 km away.




A small fortified hamlet with its citadel and castle, all elements that bore witness to its glorious past. The castle is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance defensive architecture in this region of Italy.
The village is a few kilometres from Lecce. Brindisi airport is about 65 km away, Bari airport is about 190 km away.


Torre San Giovanni

It is here that one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Salento is located. No need to envy the Caribbean beaches, a real contrast between the turquoise blue of the sea and its bright white sand. This village is part of the regional nature park and the marine reserve of the Ugento coast. Brindisi airport is about 115 km away, Bari airport is about 240 km away.

Must-do / Must-see - our suggestions

To do


  • Do precisely nothing… lounging on the marvellous white sandy beaches, among the most beautiful in Europe.
    Hum ‘Volare oh, oh, Cantare oh, oh, oh, oh’ in the little streets of Polignano a Mare, recalling that the singer Domenico Modugno hailed from this little town.
    Take a walk one afternoon through the olive groves and visit a ‘Masseria’ where you will learn how the ‘green gold’ is extracted.
    Rent a car and set out to discover the south and the delightful Gallipoli (which means ‘beautiful town’ in Greek), set on crystal-clear waters.


To see


  • Set out to discover Matera and evolve in its troglodyte world with its 3,000 habitable caves. On the UNESCO world heritage list, this town was designated European capital of culture for 2019.
    Lecce, the ultimate baroque city is brimming with historical monuments and pretty handicraft boutiques.
    Another masterpiece listed as UNESCO world heritage: Alberobello. Unique in the world! A veritable labyrinth formed from ‘Trulli’; whitewashed stone houses with conical roofs
    Perched on a limestone cliff 20 m above the sea, do not miss the superb Polignano a Mare. A breathtaking view!


Excursions will allow you to discover your destination from all perspectives. LuxairTours offers a range of selected tours that will allow you to discover unmissable places, paradisiacal beaches, typical dishes... LuxairTours organises a range of quality excursions for you.

  • This guided tour through the picturesque village of Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, is a must. Here you will discover the "Trulli", unique white dry-stone houses with conical roofs, true emblems of the Apulian region. During this excursion, you will walk through Alberobello narrow streets, which will captivate you with its originality and its welcoming atmosphere. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Aia Piccola and Rione Monti districts, before stopping at the panoramic terrace to enjoy an exceptional view of the old quarter and take some pictures. The tour ends with a tasting of local products. 
    Half-day tour with a French- or German-speaking guide.

  • This one-day guided tour will take you to Matera, the second largest city in the Basilicata region by population and area, which has also been named European Capital of Culture in 2019. The city is known for the Sassi di Matera, made up of troglodyte houses listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These unique houses are carved into the rock and are located on the Gravina of Matera, forming huge ravines that divide the territory into two districts: Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso. This tour of the city known as "the second Bethlehem" will take you through unique scenery, as if it were stuck in the past, and promises an unforgetable experience!
    A full day tour with a French or German speaking guide.


  • Bari, capital of Puglia, is the largest city in the region. It is a merchant, maritime and university city with ancient origins. You will have the chance to discover its historical and cultural heritage as well as its traditions during this half-day excursion. The old town, called Bari Vecchia, is full of ancient monuments: here you will find the Norman-Swabian castle, the cathedral of San Sabino, the ancient walls and the imposing Basilica of San Nicola in Apulian Romanesque style, an important place of pilgrimage. Don't miss the Strade delle Orecchiette, a narrow street where women make and sell fresh pasta from stalls in front of their homes.
    Half-day excursion without guide.



  • Lecce, a baroque city par excellence, is also known as "Florence of the South". It has a lovely typical 17th century architecture where beautiful ornaments embellish the buildings with the warm color of the travertine. You will be delighted by the traditional narrow streets of the historic center and its splendid palazzi. Let yourself be enchanted by the Duomo square and the great Roman amphitheater, admire the elegance of the Basilica of the Holy Cross and then stop in front of one of the many papier-mâché artisans and observe this ancient art, typical of the local craftsmanship... There is so much to see here! 
    Half-day tour (without guide).

The excursions on offer, as well as their prices and times, may vary depending on the location of the hotel. Excursion prices are provided for information purposes only and may be subject to change. For more information and to book, please contact your local LuxairTours guide.

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