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Cape Verde

Boa Vista 

An atmosphere reminiscent of the Caribbean, endless sunshine and fine sandy beaches unlike anywhere else in the world

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Boa Vista


Cap Verde

An atmosphere reminiscent of the Caribbean, endless sunshine and fine sandy beaches unlike anywhere else in the world


Cape Verde is made up of around fifteen islands located around 460 kilometres off the western coast of Africa. Dream beaches and omnipresent sun - 350 days of sunshine a year! - make this archipelago an unmissable destination for a worry-free beach holiday. The diversity of its undersea world will enchant lovers of diving, while the great range of water sports promises lively holidays for young and old.  

Boa Vista



Boa Vista


Larger and more traditional than the island of Sal, Boa Vista’s charm lies in its immense sand dunes and desert landscapes, surrounded by incredible turquoise waters. Also known as the ‘Sahara of the Atlantic’, the island is 31 km long and 29 km wide. It is home to no less than 55 km of white sandy beaches that reach as far as the eye can see, and are often deserted. Inland, rocky plains and sandy expanses with lush oases are full of the promise of exciting explorations.

Tourist locations

16.0950108, -22.8078335



Praia de Lacacão

The magnificent Praia Lacacão beach is located on the southern side of Boa Vista. Here you will find heavenly beaches surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and landscapes filled with sand dunes. Savour the stillness of the Praia Lacacão and Praia de Santa Mónica, both several kilometres long, or take a walk inland to the small palm grove.

Praia de Cruz

Praia de Cruz is located around a kilometre away from the capital of Boa Vista, Sal Rei. There are plenty of souvenir shops, restaurants serving authentic local cuisine, and bars in the city centre, meaning there’s never a dull moment to be had. The beautiful beach, the ocean views, and the nearby city make Praia de Cruz the perfect place for a lovely, relaxing holiday. 

Praia de Chaves



Praia de Chaves

Located on the third-biggest island of Cape Verde, Boa Vista, Praia de Chaves is most well known for its sandy beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Swimmers will love the turquoise sea, and its ideal weather conditions make it heaven on earth for windsurfers too. During the summer, in July and August, it is also the location of quite a rare and interesting natural phenomenon, where hundreds of turtles come and lay their eggs on the beach at night.


  • Arrival on Santiago after a flight of approx. 45 minutes. You will explore the capital city of Praia, then the island’s lush inland landscapes, as well as Tarrafal with its beautiful sandy beach. After travelling along the east coast, the route will end in Cidade Velha, which is the oldest settlement in Cape Verde

  • The excursion begins with a visit to the small village of Rabil and the pottery school there, where you will get the chance to see the island’s long-established pottery-making craft in action and also buy some souvenirs unique to the area. 
    Next, we will head north towards the Ponta Antónia beach, where the harsh surroundings led to a steely casualty when the Spanish cargo ship Cabo Santa Maria ran aground there in 1968. All these years later, the wreck can still be seen tussling against the waves. It is for this reason that the beach is also known as Praia do Cabo Santa Maria.
    To round off the excursion, you will have the chance to explore one of the island’s mysteries: the Viana desert. An expanse of white sand dunes that spans several kilometres and covers the central area of Boa Vista island – but no one knows where the sand came from. There is a little bar there, where you will be offered a complimentary drink. Furthermore, you’ll have the option of sandboarding down the dunes (payable locally at the bar) – an experience like no other! 

  • This excursion leaves your hotel and takes you through the little village of Rabil and its oases, which are astonishingly green after the rainy season. After a short journey through a moon-like landscape to the south, you will reach the beautiful little village and colourful houses of Povoação Velha, nestled between two mountains. There you will have the option of an apéritif at the bar. After descending down to the sea, you will arrive at Praia de Santa Mónica, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with around 20 km of flawless white sand and crystal-clear blue waters. Savour a moment in this heavenly place before setting off for Praia da Varandinha, where you will be able to explore some stunning caves carved out by the waves.

  • The first stop on this tour is a visit to the tiny, traditional houses of the old fishing village of Santo Tirso, with their natural stone walls. The village is 30 km from the island’s capital, Sal Rei. Next, the tour continues south to visit the salt flats, ancient saltwater lagoons which today have all dried up. When the sun shines on the flats, the light glances off in a myriad of reflections and they become a breathtaking natural phenomenon. The tour continues towards the plantations of João Barrosa and the famous baobab tree, an impressive tree which is said to bring good luck. Next stop is the superb Turtle Beach, where the animals come between late May and October to lay their eggs. A swim is optional. We round off the tour with a visit to the village of Fundo das Figueiras, where you will get to meet the locals and learn more about their day-to-day life. You will see how time has stood still there with a visit to their traditional houses, and how technological advances have still not reached this part of the world. For the midday meal, one of the village women will prepare you a delicious meal of quintessential Cape Verdean cuisine. 

  • This guided walk through the capital will take you through the city (fruit and vegetable) market and the fish market, past the Santa Isabel church and the little fishing harbour. The price of the excursion includes a tasting session of light specialities unique to Boa Vista. After all that, there will still be a little time for you to set out and explore the capital on your own.

The excursions on offer, as well as their prices and times, may vary depending on the location of the hotel. Excursion prices are provided for information purposes only and may be subject to change. For more information and to book, please contact your local LuxairTours guide.

Information on the taxes

Compulsory  ecological tax: this tax is applicable will be invoiced directly in the hotels. The following terms and conditions apply:

• 220.00 CVE (approx. 2,-) per person/night up to a maximum of 10 nights per person/stay
• this tourist tax does not apply to children under 16 years of age


Compulsory airport security tax (TSA): this tax of 31.00 euros per person is already included in the price of the package. Excluded are "flight only" or "hotel only" reservation and bookings made at short notice less than 7 days before departure, for which the tax is be paid locally.


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