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Vacation in Crete



Land of gods and paradise on earth 


Spanning both past and present, Greece welcomes you with its exuberant nature, wonderful archaeological sites and fantastic beaches. Myths and traditions merge in the picturesque villages where you can find folklore and local crafts. There are many seaside resorts to be found around the Greek islands, with high-quality hotels to meet all expectations and Hellenic people, well-known for their hospitality, will welcome holiday visits under an ever-present sun.






The island blessed by the gods enjoys varied vegetation, breath-taking scenery and heavenly beaches lapped by a turquoise sea, and also has a rich history and culture. Multiple archaeological sites, including Knossos and its renowned museum, conjure up a glorious age. The thousands of windmills on the Lasithi plateau and the Samaria gorge are perfect for long and incredibly beautiful walks. 

Hotel areas

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About 26 km east of Heraklion you will find this popular holiday village, which was originally a small fishing village. Along the promenade of Hersonissos there are taverns, shops and boutiques as well as bars and discos. The village is bordered by a 2 km long beach with sand, pebbles and rocks. Distance from Heraklion airport: 20 km.



Popular holiday resort on the north coast with many taverns, cafes and shops of all kinds. The beautiful sand/gravel/rock beach adds to the list of activities available. Distance from Heraklion airport: 20 km.




This resort is situated between Hersonissos and Sissi, about 35 km from Heraklion. It has 2 km of warm golden sandy beaches, which are among the most beautiful beaches in Crete. Beautiful coves with shallow, crystal clear waters add to this enchanting landscape. Distance from Heraklion airport: 30 km.



Situated approximately 35 km from Heraklion, this seaside resort boasts 3 km of beaches, one more beautiful than the other. They are interspersed with many enchanting coves. If you like to dance, Malia is the perfect place to let off steam and have fun at night. Distance from Heraklion airport: 30 km.



Sissi is a small fishing village nestled in a peaceful location. Distance from Heraklion airport: 45 km.




This seaside resort is located in the bay of Mirabello ,just opposite the island of Spinalonga. You will find taverns, kafenions and very typical shops. Distance from Heraklion airport: 70 km.



Located approx. 3 km west of Heraklion, this tourist resort has a sandy and pebbled beach which is approx. 9 km long. There are also shops, bars and taverns. Distance from Heraklion airport: 9 km.




Kokkini Hani

This coastal village invites you to explore its beautiful beaches, cultural events in the town centre, and surrounding archaeological sites. Distance from Heraklion airport: 10 km.



This small picturesque village is one of the most beautiful villages in Crete, and is located not far from Rethymno. The most significant sight to see here are the ruins of the Basilica of Saint Sophia. This was one of the largest royal Christian churches in all of Greece, built in the 5th century and discovered during excavations in 1948. Distance from Heraklion airport: 55 km and Chania airport: 80 km.




Rethymnon is the third largest city in Crete with a population of about 30,000. The old town, with its picturesque streets, beautiful monuments and weekly market is one of the most popular attractions on the island. Not far from the old town and its narrow streets, the small charming Venetian port with its lighthouse is certainly worth a visit. Distance from Heraklion airport: 80 km and from Chania airport: 60 km.


Vrahassi Lassithi

The area is surrounded by numerous olive groves. It is a perfect little paradise for nature lovers and holidaymakers looking for peace and quiet. Distance from Heraklion airport: 35 km.




This quiet seaside resort is located close to the island's capital, but also to other sites and sights such as the AcquaPlus water park and the Cretaquarium, perfect for families. It honours ancient agricultural traditions such as olive picking, wine making and potato growing. Distance from Heraklion airport: 16 km.



This lush village built next to an orange orchard is worth seeing. Its main plaza, surrounded by streets full of handicraft stores and typical taverns, is ideal for strolling and shopping. Distance from Heraklion airport: 27 km.



It is the 4th most populated city in Crete. Olive oil production is an important activity, and its geographical position is ideal for exploring the island of Chrissi, which is located just opposite. Distance from Heraklion airport: 70 km.



Platanias is the largest seaside resort in western Crete, bordered by a long sandy beach. The village is lively by day and night, with many facilities close to your hotel - bars, restaurants and shops - and good spots to go out at night. Distance from Chania airport: 30 km.



The village of Kolymbari, situated on the Rodopou peninsula, is bordered by a long pebbled beach. Despite recent tourist development, it remains a quiet and picturesque traditional village with a harbour. Perfect for a quiet holiday. Distance from Chania airport: 42 km.

Agio Apostoli


Agio Apostoli

About 4 km from the centre of Chania is Agio Apostoli, a seaside village named after the small church of Agii Apostoloi. It is famous for its beautiful little coves with clear waters, lined with numerous taverns, restaurants, and various shops. Perfect for combining a relaxing beach holiday with sightseeing in town. Distance from Chania airport: 18 km.



Kalyves is a quiet seaside resort that has kept the peaceful atmosphere of a Cretan village, but you will still find all the necessary amenities close to your hotel as well as bars and restaurants to go out. Distance from Chania airport: 28 km.




Located in the regional district of Chania, Georgioupolis was originally a fishing village. Today it is a tourist-oriented resort with a beautiful beach. It is also close to the beautiful lake of Kournas. Distance from Chania airport: 46 km.



Maleme, located in the northwestern part of Crete, is 16 km from Chania. This quiet village is a developing seaside resort with a beautiful beach, but there is still much to do and see. Distance to Chania airport: 32 km.

Must-do & Must-see - our suggestions



  • Exploring the Samaria Gorge is an amazing experience for experienced hikers. Its 18 km of remarkable scenery will allow you to discover no less than 450 species of plants, and will take you over wooden bridges and through very narrow passages that can reach an impressive heights of 700 metres.
  • On the island of olives and wine, a visit to an oil mill and a winery is a must. It is a good occasion to learn more about the techniques of making these exceptional products, and you even have a chance to taste them directly at their producers.
  • For those interested in ancient times, a visit to Knossos, the famous palace of King Minos, will take you back to the Minoan civilisation. The ruins of the once 5-storey palace have been partially reconstructed. The associated museum provides an overview of all the archaeological findings related to this culture, from the Neolithic period to the fall of the Minoan empire.



  • Take a stroll through the narrow streets of the historic port city of Rethymno, and stop in one of the small shops to buy a souvenir, such as a traditional handicraft or local delicacies. For lunch, take a seat in one of the restaurants along the harbour, and enjoy freshly caught fish while taking in the view of the Venetian fortress.
  • The island of Spinalonga is well worth a visit. The thick walls of the fortress, the ancient ruins, and the houses have much to tell. The former Venetian citadel, later transformed into a leper colony, is only 160 m from the mainland and can be reached by boat from Elounda or Plaka.
  • The Vai beach has a real Caribbean atmosphere thanks to the Cretan date palms that grow there, forming the largest palm grove in Europe with almost 5,000 trees. This vast area belongs to the monastery of Toplou, making it the largest landowner in Eastern Crete.



Excursions will allow you to discover your destination from all perspectives. LuxairTours offers a range of selected tours that will allow you to discover unmissable places, paradisiacal beaches, typical dishes... LuxairTours organises a range of quality excursions for you.

  • This cruise will take you to the picturesque island of Santorini, located in the north of Crete. It is part of an incredible archipelago of the same name, which is the remains of an extinct volcano in the Cyclades. 


    It is one of the most fascinating destinations in Greece. The eruption of the volcano, which was over 3000 years ago, has shaped this island with spectacular contrasts: the landscape oscillates between the blue of the sea, the black sand and the white houses, built on the edges of the red crater. You have different possibilities to visit this island: you can go and see the crater of the volcano from closer, relax on the black beaches or go along the coast towards Oia. An excursion not to be missed!


    Departure from all hotels. Transfer to the port is not included. 
    Don't forget to bring sunglasses, a towel and your camera. 

  • An excursion to discover the history of Crete and the Minoan culture, named after the legendary King Minos. The palace has been partially rebuilt, giving an idea of its original splendour. The excursion will then bring you to Heraklion, the largest town in Crete.


    Guided excursion to the famous, partially rebuilt Palace of King Minos in Knossos. You will also visit the archaeological museum where you will be able to admire the treasures of the Minoan civilisation. The excavations and reconstructions carried out by Sir Arthur Evans will help you to understand and imagine the grandeur of the Minoan culture.

  • An excursion made for adventurers where you will discover Crete from your all-terrain vehicle. You will leave the major routes to follow charming trails passing through traditional villages in order to discover beautiful spots far from the beaten track. You will have the chance to go for a swim en route and to have lunch in a tavern. 


    Discover Crete in a different way, between the sea and the mountains, following charming paths through quintessential villages, passing by rivers and gorges.
    We offer the 4x4 option to allow you to explore the diversity of the island in a different way.
    With regards to the itinerary, please contact your LuxairTours guide. Meal included.
    Bring: sunscreen, helmet or hat, bottle of water, glasses, driving licence and passport.

  • Not from the Rethymno departure point.


    In the morning, an excursion along the north coast towards Agios Nikolaos, located in the magnificent bay of Mirabello. Departure on a ‘caïque’ for the island of Spinalonga, a former leper colony. You will see fortifications surrounding the abandoned village, marking the Venetian occupation of the island. This little isle served as a refuge for Christians persecuted under Turkish reign. After a tour around the island, the excursion will continue by boat towards a tranquil bay sheltered from the wind where you can go for a swim. Lunch will be a barbecue and the return to Agios Nicolaos is via boat.


    Excursion by boat from the departure point at Elounda or Agios Nikolaos to the island of Spinalonga (entry €8), a former leper colony. You will see fortifications surrounding the abandoned village, evidence of the Venetian occupation of the island. Up until 1957, lepers lived on this island. 
    Barbecue included – opportunity to swim.


  • This excursion will take you on a tour around Mount Stroumboulas and allow you to discover the beauty of Crete with its magnificent scenery, its little inland villages and its traditions. 


    Stop in Anogeia, without a doubt the most quintessential village on the island, known for its artisan embroidery and weaving. Visit the cave of Sfendoni with its spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. Walk and lunch (included) in Axos, offering a spectacular view of the mountains and the surrounding countryside. Moreover, you can taste various local specialities. 


  • The town of Rethymno, characterised by the Venetian and Turkish occupations, has a quite remarkable architecture and atmosphere. After the visit to the old neighbourhoods, you will have some free time. Departure for Chania, the ancient capital, where several cultures have left their mark. Visit to the covered market and the romantic harbour.

For more information and bookings, please contact your LuxairTours guide on site.


Important Information


- Tourist tax: According to the official category of hotel booked, an obligatory tax must be paid on site: 3-star: €1.50, 4-star: €3.00, 5-star €4.00 (per person and per room).