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Rest and relaxation under the palm trees or in the wellness oases 


With unending beaches of white sand among the most beautiful of the Mediterranean and more than 300 sunny days per year, Tunisia is a permanent attraction for tourists. But is has other advantages too: its hotels include an incredible number of wellness areas where professional thalassotherapy treatments with well-known properties are offered. And what’s more: 3,000 years of history have left remarkable ruins all over the country, including the archaeological site of Carthage, among others.





This island in the south of Tunisia owes its nickname ‘Djerba la douce’ to the temperate climate it enjoys all year round. It is also often compared to a floating palm grove - not surprising, with nearly a million date palms! Thanks to its wide picture-perfect beaches and its lovely range of wellness services, Djerba is very popular with holidaymakers looking for relaxation. And its excellent hotel infrastructures on the edges of gently-sloping beaches make it an ideal destination for family holidays. 

Tourist locations

33.8075978, 10.8451467




Close to the hotel zone, this is Djerba’s second town located in the region of Menzel and irrigated gardens. It has three different souks, as well as the three-centuries-old olive oil mill.


Houmt Souk

Approx. 8 km from the airport, this is the administrative capital of the island of Djerba. Its name means ‘market districts’. It is famous for its old town, its museums, its historic monuments and its bustling, colourful souks which attract the inhabitants of neighbouring areas, as well as tourists.






Approx. 50 km from the airport, located on the mainland facing Djerba, this has recently discovered its vocation as a seaside resort. The town has gradually changed its appearance, enhancing its long beaches and large palm grove to the doors of new districts. It is the tourist extension of Djerba on the mainland.


  • This excursion will take you into the real desert, leaving the island of Djerba by ferry towards the Berber village of Tamezret. After a stop for photos and coffee in this idyllic mountain village, you will travel to Douz and Zaafrane, the ‘gateway to the desert’, where you will have the chance to feel like Lawrence of Arabia during a trip on a camel’s back in the dunes of the Sahara. Lunch and free time in Douz before visiting the village of Matmata to discover a quintessential home of the region and experience the feeling of being in a troglodyte house dug around ten metres into the earth. Return towards Djerba via the Roman road, passing by Medenine, to explore its Ghorfas, the old wheat storehouses. 

  • Visit the archaeological site of Meninx, founded by the Phoenicians around the 10th century B.C. This city used to be the capital of the island during Roman times and retains many signs of this era. Then, after a stop for photos on the Roman causeway which links the island with the continent, you will continue towards Guallela, the largest Berber town on the island, well known for its hand-thrown pottery and lovely heritage museum. Following this, you will travel towards ‘la Ghriba’ for a visit to one of the most ancient synagogues in the world. Then, you will go to discover the real ‘Djerba Hood’ open-air museum within the village of Erriadh. This is a thriving place for street artists from the world over. Lunch (free, apart from drinks) will take place in a quintessential restaurant in Houmt-Souk, the island’s capital, where you will also visit the old town, its souks and its fishing harbour.

  • 1st day: You will first leave the island of Djerba by the ferry and travel towards the Berber village of Tamezret. After visiting this idyllic mountain village, your destination will be Douz, the ‘gateway to the desert’. In Douz, you will go to visit the Zaafrane sand dunes - if you like the idea of a camel ride - (optional and payable on the spot, approx. 20 DT) from Erg oriental. Departure towards the Mouradi Douz hotel for lunch. After lunch, you will cross the immense ‘Chott El Jerid’ salt lake to arrive in Tozeur. Here, you will visit the old town centre and its surroundings. A visit to the ‘Dar Cheraït’ museum and the thousand and one nights medina (optional and payable on the spot) is planned. Check-in and dinner in a 3*** hotel in Tozeur.

    2nd day
    After breakfast, departure for Chebika and Tamerza for a visit to the magnificent mountain oases. Continue towards Metlaoui, where you will board the ‘Red Lizard’ (entirely renovated old train from the end of the 19th century) for a trip across the Selja Canyon. Return to Metlaoui for lunch, then return to the hotels.

The excursions on offer, as well as their prices and times, may vary depending on the location of the hotel. Excursion prices are provided for information purposes only and may be subject to change. For more information and to book, please contact your local LuxairTours guide.

Important informations


-Ramadan, the Muslim period of fasting, is fixed between 16th May and 14th June 2020. During this period, Muslims eat and drink nothing between sunrise and sunset. Consequently, some restaurants in the hotels and discos may remain closed and the entertainmentsainment programme may be limited.


-In all the hotels, proper attire is required for dinner (long trousers for gentlemen). 


-For Tunisia, security measures have been introduced by Luxair (in accordance with the instructions issued by the Directorate of Civil Aviation in Luxembourg).

To facilitate implementation of these measures, we prefer travellers to use hard cases with integrated locks, or cases that allow a padlock or seal to be attached to prevent any illegal object being inserted into the luggage.
We encourage our guests to use cases that are in good condition on which these seals can be placed, preventing any opening of more than 1 cm. If a guest is taking bags that cannot be fully secured with seals, the passenger must seal his luggage with plastic film before check-in at Djerba, at the passenger’s own expense.
In order to ensure that these measures are correctly implemented, we ask guests to follow the instructions received at the airport by the staff in charge. We must inform you that any refusal to cooperate with our local partners may result in the transport of luggage being denied.

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