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Land of gods and paradise on earth 


Spanning both past and present, Greece welcomes you with its exuberant nature, wonderful archaeological sites and fantastic beaches. Myths and traditions merge in the picturesque villages where you can find folklore and local crafts. There are many seaside resorts to be found around the Greek islands, high-quality hotels to meet all expectations and the Hellenic people well-known for their hospitality will welcome holiday visits under an ever-present sun.





A true centre of Greek culture with its quintessential cuisine, its traditions and the warm welcome of its inhabitants, Kos and its charming harbour stand out thanks to a unique charm and numerous entertainment options. This wonderful Greek island with its Mediterranean colours is also surprising in the diversity of its natural and historical treasures, which simply must be explored. And the splendid blue sea that laps its coastline inspires exploration of the nearby beautiful islands. 

Tourist locations

36.8925871, 27.2877926

Ville de Cos




Located approx. 25 km from the airport. The town of Kos is surrounded by a stunning landscape of cypress trees and dominated by the castle of the Knights of Saint John. The buildings along the many narrow lanes bear witness to a turbulent past: Turkish mosques and Byzantine churches hark back to past civilisations. By day and by night, the entertainment continues in the many coffee shops, taverns and restaurants. Approx. 2 km from the centre, on the sand and gravel beach at Psalidi, sit magnificent, modern hotel complexes.





Located approx. 5 km from the airport and approx. 30 km from the town of Kos. Probably the most beautiful part of the island, known for its pleasant harbour and stunning beach. Its many taverns lend a charming air to the village.


Located approx. 15 km from the airport. This pretty tourist stretch on the north coast of Kos boasts stunning sandy beaches and offers ideal conditions for sailing. There are some shops and supermarkets here.



Located approx. 30 km from the airport in the north-east of the island. A small, lively locality with a beautiful and very fashionable beach. In high season, this beach can be packed with visitors.


Located approx. 10 km from the airport in the north of the island. The harbour of this charming little fishing village with its small fishing boats offers quintessential taverns serving fresh fish. A ferry boat that runs daily will bring you to the island of Kalymnos. A new, tranquil tourist destination is developing around Mastichari, ideal for relaxing holidays.


Tigaki is a small village in the north of the island with shops, taverns, bars and hotels, as well as one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on Kos. It is well connected by bus routes to the town centre of Kos.


  • An exotic and refreshing cocktail! Set sail on a wooden sailing boat and let yourself be captivated by the beauty of the surrounding islands: Kalymnos with its sponge divers, Pserimos and its charming harbour and Plati with its turquoise waters. Take the chance to set off and discover these three islands, leaving from Kos, basking in the sunshine all the while on board a comfortable wooden sailing boat.
    First, we’ll anchor in Kalymnos, famous for its sponge diving. You will learn more about these particular fishermen and afterwards you will have free time to wander as you please. Lunch on board the sailing boat. In the afternoon, you will sail along the desert island of Plati before reaching Pserimos, where you can sunbathe on the beach or swim in the crystal-clear sea.
    The boat leaves from the harbour of Mastichari; the itinerary may vary depending on the weather conditions.

  • Kalymnos is famous above all for its sponge diving, but it also has much more to offer.
    The excursion starts at 9:00 a.m. at the harbour of Mastichari, followed by a journey of less than one hour by ferry to Pothia. The first stop will be on the hill that houses the charming monastery of Agios Savvas, with an amazing view of the capital and the harbour.
    Leaving the busy capital behind, you will then take the road that leads to the quieter part of Kalymnos. On the way, you will enjoy magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands, as well as the steep coastal cliffs. These cliffs are among the world’s best climbing sites and attract top athletes each year.
    Lunch in a quiet seaside village with a splendid beach.
    At the start of the afternoon, you will cross the pretty Mandarin Valley and learn more about sponge diving and the industry that depends upon it. We will then pass by Rina, a charming harbour encompassed by tall cliffs and green waters, also known as the ‘fjord of Kalymnos’. Afterwards, return to Kos via Pothia.

  • Set out to discover the island blessed by the Gods with its glorious history: charming villages, verdant landscapes, untamed beaches, the sacred temple of Asklepion and local flavours.
    Of course, Kos is best known as the birthplace of Hippocrates (Father of Medicine), but there are many other things to discover… 
    First stop: Asklepion, discover incredible archaeology which will transport you to ancient Greece. Built in the 4th-century BC, this was not only a temple dedicated to the god Asklepios (god of health), but also a spa resort.
    Next stop: Zia. You will love this lively little mountain village with a wonderful view. Zia has recently become a centre of local craftsmanship and you will find numerous little boutiques here selling, amongst other things, olive oil, honey, canelada, pottery etc.
    After Zia, we will continue towards the village of Kefalos. This is the village furthest to the south-west of the island, with some of the most beautiful beaches on Kos. Break for swimming and lunch.
    At the start of the afternoon we will visit a beekeeping yard run for generations by the same family, where you will learn all about honey. You will be able to taste the traditional ‘loukoumades’ (mini doughnuts with honey) and discover the ‘rakomelo’ (liqueur made from raki and honey).
    Afterwards we will take the road towards Antimachia, a village in the middle of the island with a 200-year-old windmill and a traditional house showing the way of life of the distant past.

    This excursion will show you every facet of the island of Kos.
    The itinerary will take you first to Asklepion, the ancient hospital of Hippocrates, and then to Zia, the highest of the villages of Kos, where you will have a spectacular panoramic view of the coast, Kalymnos, Pserimos and Turkey.
    After Zia, you will visit Kardamena, a fishing village. You will continue to Antimachia, a village famous for its windmill. Final leg, Kefalos. At the beach of Kamari (Kefalos), you will eat in a tavern, then you can go for a swim and enjoy a little siesta on the beach.

  • Come and join us in Zia, a traditional Greek village, and spend a wonderful evening in a quintessential Greek atmosphere! The little village of Zia is situated halfway up Mount Dikeos, the highest mountain on Kos. We will take advantage of the breath-taking view of the neighbouring islands and the fantastic sunset before going to the open-air location to begin our Greek evening. Taste local wines and a host of delicious treats accompanied by traditional Greek songs played by musicians from the area. Professional dancers will perform the dances of the various islands wearing traditional costumes to illustrate the diversity of Greek culture. And if you want to try the sirtaki like Zorba the Greek, go right ahead! Experience Greek hospitality during an unforgettable evening in a fabulous setting!

  • No one can resist the impressive crater at the centre of the island and the traditional charm of its seaside resorts.
    The staggeringly beautiful Nisyros never fails to impress visitors. You can reach this little island in an hour by boat from Kardamena. Visit its volcano, which is still active, amidst lunar landscapes. Go down to the bottom of the crater and admire the magnificent crystals created by the sulphurous fumes from the fumaroles. 
    In addition to its volcano, Nisyros also has a very authentic and calm side which you can discover at your own pace. Mandraki, the capital, is a maze of charming white houses set on narrow lanes. The monastery of Panagia Spiliani is also worth a visit as it offers a breath-taking view of Nisyros and the surrounding islands.

    Nisyros is one of the islands with the most beautiful scenery and has an extinct volcano, Polyvotis. It is believed that a volcanic eruption separated Nisyros from Kos. After a two-hour journey, you will arrive at the little harbour of Mandraki where a local bus will be waiting to take you to the crater, which you can then descend into. You will be able to see large holes which emit very hot fumes smelling of sulphur. In the afternoon you will have the chance to explore the village of Mandraki with its quintessential Greek taverns offering their specialities. Afterwards, you can visit the monastery or go for a swim.

The excursions on offer, as well as their prices and times, may vary depending on the location of the hotel. Excursion prices are provided for information purposes only and may be subject to change. For more information and to book, please contact your local LuxairTours guide.


Tourist tax

According to the official category of hotel booked, an obligatory tax must be paid on site: 3-star: €1.50, 4-star: €3.00, 5-star €4.00 (per person and per room).

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