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Vacation in Kos



Land of gods and paradise on earth


Spanning both past and present, Greece welcomes you with its exuberant nature, wonderful archaeological sites and fantastic beaches. Myths and traditions merge in the picturesque villages where you can find folklore and local crafts. There are many seaside resorts to be found around the Greek islands, with high-quality hotels to meet all expectations and Hellenic people, well-known for their hospitality, will welcome holiday visits under an ever-present sun.



Rich history and breathtaking natural landscapes on Hippocrates Island


Kos is a unique blend of Greek culture with its typical cuisine, traditions and the warm welcome of its inhabitants. This wonderful Greek island, full of Mediterranean colors, is glowing with calm and serenity, and amazes with the diversity of its natural and historical wonders. The city of Kos and its picturesque port stand out for its unique charm and countless leisure options. It is also the perfect starting point to discover the surrounding islands, all blessed by the beautiful azure sea that surrounds them.

Hotel areas

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Ville de Cos

Kos / Psalidi

The town of Kos is surrounded by a stunning landscape of cypress trees and dominated by the castle of the Knights of Saint John. The buildings along the many narrow lanes bear witness to a turbulent past: Turkish mosques and Byzantine churches hark back to past civilisations. By day and by night, the entertainment continues in the many coffee shops, taverns and restaurants. Approx. 2 km from the centre, on the sand and gravel beach at Psalidi, sit magnificent, modern hotel complexes. Distance to the airport: 25 km.



This traditional village is located about 23 km from the town of Kos. It is characterized by its picturesque neighborhoods, typical houses and enchanting landscape, but also by its tradition of music and dance. Distance to the airport: 2 km.




Located about 30 km from Kos town, Kardamena is probably the most beautiful place on the island. It is known for its lovely harbor and beautiful beach, and the many taverns give a picturesque character to the village. Distance from the airport: 5 km.



Located approx. 15 km from the airport. This pretty tourist stretch on the north coast of Kos boasts stunning sandy beaches and offers ideal conditions for sailing. There are some shops and supermarkets here. Distance from the airport: 15 km.



Tigaki is a small village in the north of the island with shops, taverns, bars and hotels, as well as one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on Kos. It is well connected by bus routes to the town centre of Kos. Distance from the airport: 20 km.



Located in the north-east of the island, Lambi is a small, lively locality with a beautiful and very fashionable beach. Distance from the airport : 30 km.



In this picturesque fishing village in the north of the island, you'll see many small fishing boats in the harbour and authentic tavernas serving fresh fish. There is a new, quiet tourist destination developing around Mastichari that is ideal for a relaxing holiday. There is also a daily ferry service to the island of Kalymnos. Distance from airport: 10 km.




Kefalos inspires with exceptional beaches, mysterious caves, beautiful scenery and a rich cultural heritage that dates back to the Mycenaean period and recounts Greece's history. Distance from the airport: 17 km.

Must-do & Must-see - our suggestions


  • Kamari Beach is not just known among water sports enthusiasts. Many windsurfers, stand-up paddlers and yoga SUP enthusiasts come to this part of the coast to have fun. Why not give it a try?
  • The Plaka pine forest, located in a valley not far from the airport, is home to hundreds of peacocks and cats that live here. The tamed pets enjoy being petted and eating a little treat.
  • What about a trip to a nearby island? The island of Kalymnos, known for its sponge fishing activities, is also a popular destination for climbers and a paradise for active travelers. The volcanic island of Nisyros also impresses with its black beaches, hot springs and colorful nature.



  • Discover Kos, the capital of the island, which looks like a genuine open-air museum with its numerous archaeological sites. Take a walk along its harbor and stroll through its picturesque streets before enjoying the warm summer atmosphere of the old town in a tavern.
  • Be sure to stop by the Embros thermal baths, located on the south coast, where a rocky crevice lets sulphurous water of almost 49 degrees flow into a pool where you can bathe. The water is said to have medicinal benefit.
  • Stroll through the narrow streets of the village of Zia, which is full of art and craft stores and offers a wide variety of culinary delights. It is the best spot to contemplate the most stunning sunsets. Don't forget to bring a camera to shoot this magical moment!


Excursions will allow you to discover your destination from all perspectives. LuxairTours offers a range of selected tours will allow you to discover unmissable places, paradisiacala beaches, typical dishes... LuxairTours organises a range of quality excursions for you.

  • An exotic and relaxing cocktail!
    Hop aboard a wooden sailboat and let yourself be amazed by the beauty of the surrounding islands: Kalymnos with its sponge fishermen, Pserimos and its picturesque port and Plati and its turquoise waters. Take the opportunity to discover these 3 islands from Kos, while lounging in the sun on board a comfortable boat.
    First, you will set anchor in Kalymnos, famous for its sponge fishing. You will learn more about the history of these special fishermen and then you have free time to stroll around. 
    In the afternoon, you will cruise along the deserted island of Plati before arriving at Pserimos, where you can sunbathe on the beach or swim in the crystal clear sea. 

    The itinerary may vary depending on the weather conditions.
    Don't forget your bathing suit.

    Itinerary (estimations):
    Departure from the port of Mastichari at 10:00 am
    1h boat ride to Kalymnos, 1h30 there
    30 min by boat to Plati, 1h on site
    20 min by boat to Pserimos, 2h15 on site
    Return to the port of Mastichari around 17:30

  • This day trip will give you an overview of the island, with its picturesque villages, green landscapes, wild beaches, the sacred temple of healing, the Asclepion and its local flavors. Kos is known for being the birthplace of Hypocrates, the father of medicine, but there is much more to discover! 

    The tour begins at the Asclepion, an archaeological find that will transport you back to ancient Greece. Built in the 4th century B.C., it was a temple dedicated to the god Asclepius, the god of health, but also a health resort.
    The second stop will be in Zia, a small but lively mountain village, from which you can enjoy an incredible view. It has recently become the hub of the local arts and crafts of the island ans you will find many small shops selling olive oil, honey, or pottery.
    You will continue to Kefalos, the most southwestern village of the island with beautiful beaches. Here you will have free time to swim and have a lunch break in one of the restaurants (not included in the price). Then, you will visit a honey production run by the same family for several generations. You will learn the secrets of honey production and taste the rakomelo (honey raki).
    The excursion will then take you to Antimachia, a village located in the heart of the island, near the airport. You will have the chance to see a 200 year old windmill and a traditional house that will show you how the locals used to live in the past.

    Recommendations: Please wear proper footwear for walking. Don't forget your bathing suit and camera.
    Entrance to the Asclepion, the traditional house and the windmill, and lunch are not included in the price. 

    Itinerary (estimations):
    Visit to the Asclepion: 1 hour
    45 min free time in Zia
    Free time and lunch in Kefalos: 2h30
    Free time in Antimachia: 40 min

  • Leaving Kardamena harbour located in the south of Kos, you are heading on a traditional boat towards 2 picturesque islands.
    The first one, Agion Antonios, is set just across from Giala where pumice is extracted, and can only be reached by boat. After landing, guests can enjoy the beach and the clear shallow waters. There is also a small chapel on top of the hill that offers a nice panoramic view.
    The second stop is Nissyros, famous for its active volcano. The boat lands in Mandraki, capital of this small island which has kept a typical Greek charm. Buses (for a fee) will take you to the caldera which, with its 4 km width, is one of the largest in Europe. You can walk down into the crater and discover the volcanic activity up close. The lunar landscape, with yellow crystal created by the sulphurous steam and the unmistakable odor of sulphur, is quite exceptionnal. 
    After this unique experience, buses will take you back to the port of Mandraki, where you will have free time to explore the island and taste typical Greek cuisine.You can go to the monastery of Agia Spyliani and enjoy a breathtaking view from the top, or stroll through the narrow streets of the capital.

    Recommendations: The tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility or health problems. Appropriate and sturdy shoes are necessary to visit the crater. Don't forget to bring your camera and bathing suit.
    Typical Greek lunch and drinks included.
    Entrance fee for the volcano: 3€ and bus ride to and from the crater: 8€ not included in the tour price. 

    Itinerary (estimations) : 
    10:00 am: departure from the Kardamena harbour
    1h boat ride to Agios Antonios and 1h30 free time on site
    30 min by boat to Nissyros and 20 min by bus to the volcano
    45 min to 1h free time to explore the volcano
    2h30 free time in Mandraki
    Departure from Mandraki around 5pm, return to the port of Kardamena around 6pm

  • No one can resist the impressive crater at the centre of the island and the traditional charm of its seaside resorts.
    The staggeringly beautiful Nisyros never fails to impress visitors. You can reach this little island in an hour by boat from Kardamena. Visit its volcano, which is still active, amidst lunar landscapes. Go down to the bottom of the crater and admire the magnificent crystals created by the sulphurous fumes from the fumaroles. 
    In addition to its volcano, Nisyros also has a very authentic and calm side which you can discover at your own pace. Mandraki, the capital, is a maze of charming white houses set on narrow lanes. The monastery of Panagia Spiliani is also worth a visit as it offers a breath-taking view of Nisyros and the surrounding islands.

    Recommendations: The tour is not suitable for people with limited mobility or health problems. Sturdy shoes are required to visit the crater. 
    Entrance fee for the volcano: 3€ and bus ride to and from the crater: 8€ not included in the tour price. 

    Itinerary (estimations) :
    Departure from the port of Kardamena at 9:30 am
    1h boat ride to Mandraki
    20 min bus ride to the volcano followed by 45 min to 1h free time 
    3h free time in Mandraki
    Departure from Nissyros around 3:30 pm and return to Kardamena around 4:30 pm

  • Kalymnos is most famous for its sponge fishing, but it has so much more than this to offer.
    The excursion starts at 9.00am at the port of Mastichari, followed by a ferry ride of less than an hour to Pothia. The first stop is on the hillside home to the picturesque monastery of Agias Savvas, with incredible views over the capital and the harbour.
    As you leave the bustling capital behind, you will take the road that takes you to the more peaceful part of Kalymnos. Along the way you can enjoy magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands, as well as the steep cliffs of the coastline. These cliffs are among the best climbing sites in the world, attracting thousands of climbers every year.
    Lunch in a peaceful seaside village with a beautiful beach.
    In the early afternoon, you will cross the pretty Tangerine Valley and learn more about sponge fishing and the industry that depends on it. You will then pass through Rina, a picturesque port surrounded by high cliffs and green waters, also known as the "Kalymnian fjord". Return to Cos via Pothia.

  • What would a holiday in Greece be without music and dancing?
    Come and join us in Zia, a traditional Greek village, for a joyous evening in typical Greek style! 
    This small village is situated halfway up Mount Dikeos, the highest mountain in Kos. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the neighbouring islands and a fantastic sunset before heading to the open-air venue to begin our Greek evening. Sample local wines and a host of local delicacies to the sound of traditional Greek songs performed by local musicians. Professional dancers will be performing island-specific dances and wearing traditional costumes to showcase the diversity of Greek culture. And if you fancy trying your hand at sirtaki like Zorba the Greek, go ahead... This will be an unforgettable evening of true Greek hospitality in fabulous surroundings!

For more information and bookings, please contact your LuxairTours guide on site.

Important information


- Tourist tax: According to the official category of hotel booked, an obligatory tax must be paid on site: 3-star: €1.50, 4-star: €3.00, 5-star: €4.00 (per person and per room).

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