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Cabin baggage

Cabin baggage allowance

Size: 55 x 40 x 23 cm

Economy Class : 1 x 8 kg

Business Class: 2 x 8 kg


Please note: Passengers whose hand baggage exceeds the permitted dimensions 55x40x23 cm must pay an additional fee of EUR 75 at the gate. The item of baggage will then be stored in the aircraft’s hold. This rule also applies if other hand baggage regulations are not observed (e.g. having more items than included in the fare, or an item of hand luggage that exceeds 8 kg).


One additional small personal item per person*

Economy Class & Business Class: 1


*  In addition to your cabin baggage allowance, you are entitled to carry ONE small personal item of your choice.


Personal items are considered as follows:

Handbag (men’s or women’s)

Laptop bag

Duty-free shopping bag

Camera bag


If you have more than ONE small personal item, it must be stowed in your cabin baggage.

    • Cabin baggage must meet strictly enforced size and weight restrictions.
    • Cabin baggage must fit inside the test units at the airport (including wheels and handles).
    • Smaller personal items must be stowed under the seat in front you, leaving space for cabin baggage in the overhead locker (unless you are seated in row 1 or next to the emergency exits).

  • Please be aware that your cabin baggage size 55 X 40 X 23 cm will automatically be tagged as “delivery at aircraft (DAA)” baggage. This means, you will have to leave it in front of the aircraft before boarding and pick it up right after landing, when leaving the aircraft.

  • Occasionally, your cabin baggage may not be accepted in the cabin, even if it complies with the cabin baggage rules, due to stowage space restrictions. In this case, it will be checked and transported in the hold. You will then have to collect it on the baggage carousel after landing at the baggage claim area.